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greenbass86 05-27-2010 4:47 PM

Camera for filming and photos
I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions on a good camera filming and taking photos of wake boarding.

wakeandsnow27 05-27-2010 5:01 PM

I'd start by sharing what your budget is.

greenbass86 05-27-2010 5:02 PM

if its a camera that will last me I'm willing to go $300 but I would like to try and stay under $150 for now, I know that's not much, but I am curious as to what is out there

seth 05-27-2010 10:35 PM

You might be able to get one of those flip cameras but im not sure if they take stills or not. I just got the the new Canon T2i and it is crazy how good the pics and video are.

ryanw209 05-31-2010 8:32 PM

If your looking for a point and shoot I would check out the Olympus waterproof line.

cheesydog 06-01-2010 1:56 AM

the sanyo xacti HD now has a waterproof version and shoots 1080P that might be up your alley

silvermustang35 06-01-2010 4:47 AM

This is a refurb Sony 1080 for $129 :)
I bought a JVC Everio 1080P flash camcorder and love it, but I spent about $400 on it. Really good recording and it has anti shake mode and wind noise reduction mode that works well.

MattieK27 06-01-2010 6:26 AM

I love my new Sony tx5. Great outdoor stills, 720p video. Plus it's compact and waterproof.

chrishopf 06-01-2010 6:56 AM

Im selling my ULTRA HD FLIP CAMERA and waterproof housing for $200. Shoot me an email or a message if interested and I can get you some pics..


radmattyd 06-01-2010 10:07 AM

Check out the Kodak Playsport. 5mp stills. with 1080p HD video @ 30fps. I usually use it at 720p @ 60fps.

It's waterproof up to 10 feet too.

Only 150 brand new

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