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newmy79 05-26-2010 1:38 PM

Which is a better deal? 08 or 07 Supra 21v
Hi folks, just wanted to get your opinions on what you feel is a better deal in terms of total value between two boats that I am looking at. Both boats are the same gelcoat scheme.

2008 Supra 21v 0 hrs $43k
  • 340hp ETX CAT motor
  • Swivel racks
  • Stock ballast
  • Stock Kenwood stereo
  • Tandem trailer with swing-away tongue and spare, boat buddy
  • 4 yr. warranty
  • Tower Mirror
  • Altitude prop

There is no bimini, no covers, no light bar, no tower speakers. About as stock as you can get it. But it does have the motor I want.

2007 Supra 21v 80 hrs. $41.5k or B/O
  • Remainder of 4 yr warranty
  • 340 hp ETX CAT motor
  • Stock Kenwood stereo
  • Swivel racks
  • Tower speakers
  • Stock Ballast
  • Tandem trailer with swing-away tongue and spare, can't tell from pics if it has boat buddy
  • Tower and docking lights
  • Storage and Travel covers
  • Bimini
  • Comes with 2 boards, Ronix and Hyperlite

I am really not looking to spend more than $40k and I think the 2007 seems like a better deal for me even though there's more warranty on the 2008. I would have to spend a couple thousand for the options that I want on the 2008 (i.e. tower speakers, bimini, covers, tower lights, etc.) I'd really like to have the Z5 cargo rack but neither does, and i can always add that at a later time. On the other hand having a boat with ZERO hours and a fully warranty is REAL NICE! Both sellers are not that flexible on price. THe 2008 will go down as low as $43k and I think I can get the 2007 down to $39k.

Any advice? What are your thoughts? Perhaps I am not thinking of something that you all might bring up as good points to consider.

crosenhahn 05-26-2010 1:49 PM

My $.02, If I am gonna spend that kinda of money on a boat, I will get exactly what i want. I would go with the 0 hours and new model and warranty, plus you can build the boat exactly how you want it as you go. Build the stereo, Z5 rack...

I think you would be happy with either one. Good luck and they are great boats!!!

tyler97217 05-26-2010 1:58 PM

Both are great boats and good prices for sure. Go with your gut, it is only a decision you can make and how you value the options and the hours or lack there of on a boat....

thesack 05-26-2010 3:30 PM

Unless the person who is selling the 07 bought an extended warranty, it only has a 1 year warranty on it from the factory. So it is out of warranty other then the lifetime hull warranty.

bmartin 05-26-2010 4:34 PM

It would really come down the condition of the 07 and the financing. If the 07 looks or performs in anyway 'used' I would go new. If the 07 is in like new condition and the covers, bimini, tower lights and speakers are important to you, the 07 wouldn't be a bad choice. Check to see when the 07 was purchased. If it was sold as a leftover you may have more warranty. If you are financing, going new generally comes with more attractive loan options and you may come out ahead even with the higher purchase price and buying new would be a no-brainer. I ride a lot behind a 21V and love those pulls.

newmy79 05-26-2010 6:31 PM

thanks for everyone's $0.02, and I agree with you ATL. I did a little thinking tonight and I am leaning more towards the 08. Having that brand new boat with a full warranty is just more appealing and I can work on upgrading the boat the way I want. The important thing is it has the 340 hp CAT motor.

anyone have any ideas what rates ppl are getting for new boats with excellent credit?

fman 05-26-2010 7:26 PM

Another + for the '08 they fixed the vaporlock problems they were having with the '07's by adding a second fuel pump. Also the '07/'08 push button swivel racks by Roswell are garbage, as soon as you have the boat call them and get the pin style. MUCH better design, good news is they will send you a set for FREE if you are within the one year warranty of purchase.

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