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07-26-2001 11:35 AM

I can successfully land all of the other fs 180's except the heelside. after a few headaches from slapping my head in the water I thought i'd ask for some help. I can make the jump and rotation, but keep slipping out. what do i need to do to correct this?

we video 07-26-2001 1:12 PM

I have the same type of problem, i land what feels and looks fine (we video), but most of time the board slips out towards the boat. i'm going out this weekend to just ride switch all day. but i'd like to know the common error too.

07-26-2001 4:03 PM

3 common errors,stareing at the water the whole way down and not using the handle to your advantage as well as throwing it to early. <BR> <BR>So the correct way to do a HS 180 would be take a nice easy progressive edge into the wake,pop straight up and get to your peak then start to pull the handle from your front hip to your back hip while looking at the boat or better yet the shore line etc..Spot your landing for a second and then look back at the shore keeping that handle in tight to your hip rear pocket.This will put and keep you on your TS edge where you are supposed to be.then ride off pump your fists in joy ! Sometimes in the beginning you may want to lean or break at the waist a bit on landing to get your head out over your toes some ..good luck.. <BR> <BR>Bill

Guswiler (lftrippin) on  07-27-2001 10:35 AM

Bill's right, the reason you're sliding out is because: <BR>A) you're throwing it off the wake, in which case try to wait. The way I've told people to remember is to not let go with your front hand until you would normally grab the board on a regular wake jump. <BR>B) you're landing on your HS edge. The easiest way to correct this is when you're landing, point your lead hand down, almost like you're giving the thumbs down signal. This will push your shoulders over the TS edge of your board which will help you ride away from the wake. <BR>One more thing, make sure you're rotating the full 180 degrees, go past where the board points at the boat. You'll get it, once you do you'll wonder what the big deal was...

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