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hyperliterider90 05-24-2010 8:08 PM

having trouble getting pop toeside.. i just glide w2w with no air.. any help?

ilikebeaverandboats 05-24-2010 8:14 PM

Make sure you roll into the wake, dont cut out real far on your heels. Keep the handle to your hips and stand up straight off the wake. Get strong at w2w, then work on pop. Dont just hit your heelside, everyone at the lake can go big on there heels...

Just get comfortable on it, and then work on going big.

Kane 05-25-2010 3:43 AM

Can you upload a video, it would help us get a look at your riding.
Without seeing you ride, all I can say is what works for me. Edge out on my heels and come off edge, wait until the tension comes back into the line, bend both knees (very slightly) and get the handle intight to your front hip (the handle should be parallel with the water).
All the boat to pull you centre and then begin your progression edge.
Once at the wake edge even harder and push the handle down and tight to your hip and extend up and away from the boat as you leave the wake.
Make sure you are not breaking at the waist or coming off edge as you hit the wake. These are the things that usually kill peoples pop.

Hope that helps.

element8456 05-29-2010 7:48 PM

Joe covered it good but what I notice is some people flatten out and roll on to their heel side edge right before the wake, killing thier pop. So try and stay on your toe side edge and stand tall (not jump).

kitewake 05-31-2010 5:47 PM

Progressing Toeside....
I am working on getting my TS dialed too. It is still hit or miss for me...but when I hold position, I can get good pop. When I let the position go..I lose pop...and worse...land on my heels. If you land on the wake...you can save it...but if you are on your heels and take it past the wake at all...you will go out the back.

The key to big pop TS is line tension, and NOT letting your twisted edging position, and the pull across your back arm (right arm if you are reg stance) and thus your strong edge, go at the last instant.

Make sure you can do Kyle Schmidt's TS Pop drill (search YouTube). This will help you master the twisted position.

Once you have that down, a great way to practice is with a short line, and a tad slower speed, so you can do a wake to wake jump that is pretty small. Take a super super short approach....I am talking about edge of the foam...15' or less out! This will force you to edge super late and hard, because you will be edging at the last instant. Try to take it into the flats. You wont be able to if your approach is super short...but this mindset will make you hold your twisted position, and strong edge through the wake. Concentrate on holding that position...all the way into the air...and even till you land. Keep that pull across your body from your back arm.

Again...your goal should be to take it into the flats...which if your approach is short enough....cant happen. If you are at say 55' x 20.5 mph, and take a 15' approach...and actually can take it to the flats... then shorten the approach to 12-13' and try again. You are using a trick to build nervous system/muscle memory into holding that line tension through the wake.

After you get it dialed...lengthen the rope out at bit. Your approach will have to be a little bigger...but not much. You always want to keep the approach very short (relative to a given rope length) so that you feel like you are starting your edge too late to make it.

cwb4me 05-31-2010 7:38 PM

to me kyle schmidts edging drill helped build a strong edge. the pop comes from stiff legs and body and handle at your lead hip.i like to compare the pop position to diving like doing a back flip you stand tall on your toes. thats like the pop.learnwake.com or the book can help with the visual.

behindtheboat 06-02-2010 11:16 AM

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