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rfmediagroup 05-24-2010 8:14 PM

GoPro mounting
Just got my gopro hd surf in and was wondering how everyone was mounting it to multiple boards? I read you could use a hair dryer to take the adhesive mount off, but this doesn't exactly seem ideal while on the water. Any suggestions besides ordering a bunch of adhesive mounts? Thanks!

jjakober 05-25-2010 8:37 AM

We bought a bunch of the mounts. One thing to remember, that thing doesn't float so be careful! The case is kinda brittle and can snap off if you hit it going for a grab, my buddy did that and it was gone!!

Also make sure when you slip into the clip that you put it in the right way or it won't lock, then it's bye bye again...yeah we lost 2!!!

The most important thing is to add some kind of float to it so if it does come off, you can find it.

phenom_1819 05-25-2010 10:29 AM

The surf mount has a leash attached to it, on a seperate mount. Be sure you use the leash! As for using it on multiple boards, not with the surf mount. You could probably get away with using the regular attachments that come with the camera, but I would be sure that there is something you can leash the camera to (a fin screw would work?) in case the mount doesn't hold.

wakesurf12 05-25-2010 10:30 AM

Yeah, I had one come off the clip and hit me in the shin the other weekend. (while shooting that gopro edit I made) Luckily I had it attached to my binding laces as well. Very scary considering I had already lost one a year or so back. Be careful around that water!

jjakober 05-25-2010 12:48 PM

The first one we lost we had a shoe lace tied to the base where it pivotes and then through a fin hole with a knot on the end. When my buddy did the grab, he smacked it and it broke right at the pivot point...the lace was still tied to the mount :-(

When I get one, I am just going to cover the entire case in old binding EVA foam so it will float!!

rfmediagroup 05-25-2010 1:00 PM

I'm so paranoid after hearing all this, I think I'm going to leash it in about 5 different places. What do you think about using a couple of those key chain floats attached to it somehow?

jjakober 05-25-2010 1:09 PM

Just make sure it floats with them.

Also I suggest sticking one of the mounts to the case and attaching them to it.

wakesurf12 05-25-2010 2:17 PM

I did the key chain float for a while. It worked but it was a pain in the ass having this thing hanging off of it. I like the idea of old binding foam!

dryhop 05-26-2010 12:08 AM

The chesty pack mount has worked well on the water for me, and seems like a pretty reliable mount, but I definately want to try some other viewpoints. My buddy tried a adhesive board mount with a fishing line lanyard and ended up loosing a camera. Somehow the camera unclipped from the mount and broke the line. I Tried a key chain float a while back and found the camera barely floated, and mostly under the water (so could be difficult to find in any chop). Please post pics if you come up with a solid float solution... (I'll do the same)

dj_jiggler 05-31-2010 4:29 PM

if you are putting it on the board, maybe use the extra binding slots for like a leash...

rapha 06-01-2010 1:08 PM

hey there,

do you guys use the surf edition at cables doing inverts and other bigger tricks with rough landings? or does the camera/ adhesive mount fall off, break respectively? i'm really interested in the surf mounting, i like the perspective...

however, i was searching on vimeo and youtube for wakeboard videos with that surf mount, but couldn't find a single one :-( there were only ones with real surfboards, do you have some to show?


(sry for bad english)

lakeskater 06-04-2010 1:16 PM

2 Attachment(s)
I used some styrofoam and rubber bands to attach a float to the camera. So far it hasn't come off but if it does I know that it will float because I tested it. Added some red duck tape to the back so it will be visible in the water. It's not pretty but it does the job.

rfmediagroup 06-04-2010 5:51 PM

So I glued some foam to the sides and back of the housing. It definitely floats, but we didn't take any nasty spills over the weekend either. HopefulLy between that and the leash we are good to go!

glassywater09 06-06-2010 9:59 PM

Galvanized tie wire from fin screw to bind around pivot base... Saved it twice that way. Love those GoPro pic's.

rapha 06-08-2010 5:35 AM


Originally Posted by rapha (Post 1591745)
hey there,

do you guys use the surf edition at cables doing inverts and other bigger tricks with rough landings? or does the camera/ adhesive mount fall off, break respectively?

however, i was searching on vimeo and youtube for wakeboard videos with that surf mount, but couldn't find a single one :-( there were only ones with real surfboards, do you have some to show?

nobody who knows more?

wakesurf12 06-08-2010 7:41 AM

We shot a clip of Lyman for Global Warning with the surf mount on his board. For this video I got the same angle but used just one of the regular mounts.... but I wouldn't recommend it. (If fell off mid invert.) Luckily I had it tied to something!

<object width="400" height="225"><param name="allowfullscreen" value="true" /><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always" /><param name="movie" value="http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=11819870&amp;server=vimeo.co m&amp;show_title=1&amp;show_byline=1&amp;show_port rait=0&amp;color=&amp;fullscreen=1" /><embed src="http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=11819870&amp;server=vimeo.co m&amp;show_title=1&amp;show_byline=1&amp;show_port rait=0&amp;color=&amp;fullscreen=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always" width="400" height="225"></embed></object><p><a href="http://vimeo.com/11819870">GoPro Day</a> from <a href="http://vimeo.com/user369208">Ryan Taylor</a> on <a href="http://vimeo.com">Vimeo</a>.</p>

dryhop 06-08-2010 8:56 PM

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Nice work Ryan, keep posting the great videos.

Here is the float solution I used a week ago. one keyring float just barely floats the cam, so I added a second. The middle wire-tie holds it to the camera pretty tightly as it crosses the front of the camera between the lens and the front mode button. An additional leash between camera and floats would not be a bad idea.
Attachment 4764

One rider took some hard falls with the standard double-stick helmet mount, and surprisingly, the camera stayed put. Here is the footage... (A little dark and cloudy that day, but we make the best of it in the Northwest)


mtxwake118 06-20-2010 9:50 AM

i just bought the tripod mount and scrwed it on through the fin hole. i doubt it will ever fall off and the view looks cool

garveyj 06-21-2010 12:31 PM

I was thinking the same thing - probably would still put some foam on it just to be safe.

jps912 06-21-2010 12:38 PM

Lost mine this weekend. Buddy had a hard landing and it popped off. We tied it to his fin screws and even that ripped. The lake claimed it pretty quick. The clips didnt break it just looks like it popped out of them. Next time definitely gonna put something floaty on it.

arrydjay 07-08-2010 8:10 PM

Mine came off my snowboard once....it probably had something to do with the fact that they say to wait 24 hours for the adhesive mounts to set and I probably waited about 20 mins. The whole mount came off the board mid run and I didnt notice till the bottom of the mountain, had a massive run back up the hill and luckily some dude had picked it up and he gave it back to me.... What a legend. Funny thing is it was recording the whole time and it was pretty funny watching him pick it up and look at it and ****...

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