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swancer 05-24-2010 6:01 PM

Old Hickory Lake Condition (Tennessee)
Looking to come back to Nashville to visit family Memorial Day weekend and wondering has the water recovered in terms of floating debris, water quality etc from the floods of a few weeks ago? Not sure if I wanna drag the boat up if it is going to be to risky to run and board.

Also, where is a good spot to board (if there is such a thing) and get out of the weekend traffic. Will be putting in at Gallatin Marina. If you don't wanna give up the secret spot pm me as I will only be bringing my boat up this weekend and probably not any other weekend to encroach on your honey hole. My dad is very familiar with the lake in terms of creek names etc from fishing but is not sure where everyone goes to board.

ssuter 05-25-2010 4:06 AM

I dont do much riding in gallatin so i cant really help ya there. Have only rode there once and it was at station camp boat ramp... But as far as the lake, the water has cleaned up alot. Last weekend the lake was packed, was some debris still but mainly around the channel. Hopefully most of the debris will be gone by the weekend. I would say it def be worth your while of bringing the boat. Dont want to get here and wish you would of. Its gun be nice out.

l_b 05-25-2010 7:29 AM

I was on Old Hickory all last weekend. The water level is back to summer pool, but there is still some floating debris in the channel. The creeks are fine just be careful navigating the channel. If you want to get away from all the weekend wallys and ride head up river (to the left when you come out of Gallatin marina) and find a good creek.

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