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08-10-2003 2:35 PM

hi guys <BR>I am doint quit well huge tantrum each time and now I would like to place an horizontal rotaion around the rope while doing it, sounds to be a 360 inside the tantrum but do not know the name of that trick. Doas any one can hlep me how to start in that? <BR> <BR>thnks and rgards from france

08-10-2003 2:53 PM

I believe you are talking about a whirlybird. Not an easy trick... but really sweet looking!

deepstructure 08-10-2003 10:34 PM

depends how you do it - if you do a tantrum and throw a bs 3 with an overhead rotation (no handle-pass), that's a whirlybird. <BR> <BR>if you do the tantrum with a bs3 handle-passed, that's a moby dick. <BR> <BR>if you do the tantrum <i>and then</i> a backside 3, as erik ruck has been, some folks argue that's a different trick, but no one's named it yet. <BR> <BR>if you do the tantrum and then a <i>frontside</i> 3, you're also doing a trick that hasn't been named yet and supposedly has only recently been landed. <BR> <BR>good luck if you can do this. can you do tantrums to blind or tantrums to fakie yet? i'd try those first if i were you...and definitely have a video camera handy so we can see it!

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