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Doogaloo 05-24-2010 7:18 AM

hitting rails at cable park...how difficult @ 51
For the longest time I've wanted to hit rails at the cable park. I've been to OWC, but on the bigger cable with only the kickers and I went around them. Since home is Detroit area, I would like to make the trip to Wake Nation. From what I understand, most of the obstacles don't require ollying (sp?) up onto them. Plus I'd probably be the oldest person on the cable. Are there any old guys jammin on sliders at the cable park, or is it only the youngsters?

spearing 05-24-2010 7:43 AM

Doug, Go for it ........ you will find they are not that bad. Wakenation rails have a wider surface area and have good leading ramps for beginners. couple pointers: watch experienced rail riders and notice the approach they take, watch there lines they take to the rails. some rails are out wide so kids or beginners cannot hit them accidentally, so that means you need to angle up to the rails with outward monentum and then flatten out at the begining of the rail. if you come into the rail square or straight on once you get on the rail the cable will pull you off.

If you are looking for some riders to go down let me know i am from Bloomfield hills, Mi. and love trips to Wake nation. Good luck.

cwb4me 05-24-2010 7:55 AM

doug i am 50 be 51 in august . i've been to texas ski ranch ,mccormicks in tampa ,OWC and hit the rails and all the kickers. just didn't get to the wave rail or the rail that goes over the boat at owc. i hit the ramp that goes over the boat and did 180's off it.landings weren't too bad. my legs were sore the next couple of days, but it was worth it . GO LIVE YOUR DREAMS YOU WON'T REGRET IT! P.S. WEAR A HELMET AND CGA VEST.

Doogaloo 05-24-2010 7:56 AM

I am also talking to Skiers Pier about a Ronix One. Reconsidering getting the One with the special bottom for rails.

cwb4me 05-24-2010 8:09 AM

Liquid force has the grind series. Most cable parks will rent it to you . If it's a cwb park they have the vibe which is a great board too.

xmcmillenx 05-24-2010 10:10 AM

none of the sliders at wakenation require you to ollie, although a few are easier if you do. There is a box that is less than a foot of the water and WIDE for you to get the hang of it and a very long mellow kicker. You would also not be the oldest person to ride there by FAR. Good luck and have fun.

ajimmyjammin 05-24-2010 2:33 PM

just don't get carried away on the big kickers,(like i did) they'll boot you alot higher than you would think.

fly135 05-24-2010 3:27 PM

54 here and I hit every rail at OWC.

bizz 05-24-2010 4:25 PM

First time my pops ever hit a rail he was 50. You should be all good

rc005 05-24-2010 8:57 PM

advice on hitting rails and kickers.. dont try to edge on them.. its a mistake im sure everyone makes, but they are slick and you will end up on your butt, just make sure you cut hard so that you can get your speed and be able to flatten out before you hit the rail or kicker.

wakenation 05-25-2010 3:26 PM

Doug, you will definitely NOT be the oldest person at Wake Nation hitting sliders. We have obstacles for every skill level. Our staff will be more than happy to help you out by giving you pointers on how to hit them. You can also get a one-on-one lesson with one of our pros. You can literally ride side-by-side with the pro and get instruction on the water.
See you soon,

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