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chaser 05-23-2010 11:04 AM

switching out sub
I got a 2002 Mastercraft X-star. I have the stock sound system in there now which includes four clarion speakers, a 10 inch clarion sub woofer, and Clarion APX 400.4m 2/3/4 amp. I'm pretty content with the set up, except for the sub. I know very little about sound systems, but it sounds like with certain songs the sub distorts/rattles. I was wondering if replacing that 10 inch sub with a higher quality sub would get rid of that and give me a little better sound, or is there more to this? Like a separate amp for the sub or something like that? I like simple when it comes to the stereo and was hoping swapping this out with a better sub would get rid of it. I know there is a bass adjustment on the amp and head unit that I could tweak, but I hate to turn the bass down. Any suggestions/ideas?

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