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ajb 05-23-2010 3:47 AM

Choose my ride!!
First, thanks to WakeWorld for having so much information about gear. I have been lurking for a bit. So, I'm a rookie so don't rip my a**, but i"ll looking for some opinions on my first setup.

Here is my situation:

I live in NH and got my boat a slip on Winnipesaukee...a big, relatively rough lake. Boat is a 25' Tritoon with a 270hp i/o. It goes about 40 mph but wake is pretty flat.

I'm 34 years old and been wakeboarding about 5 times in my life (always on the ocean). I'm an ex-Division I athlete in very good shape (5'9" 175 lbs). I ski/snowboard and waterski well. I race dirtbikes. I would rather get a board to "grow into" then one that will keep me back from improving, but I don't want to get a board which will stunt my learning because it's too advanced. Is that possible? All that said, I'm never going to get that good wakeboarding as I'm too damn old and I want this to be fun. I should be on the water 2x/week all summer.

The options I have now for cheap setups are the following, and I would love some input from you experienced guys about what is the best:

1) 2003 Blindside Assassain Pro 139 with 2 sets of bindings, one set of 2003 LF exo suctions and one set of junk. Comes with board bag.
2) 2008 Ronix One 142 with Ronix Oxford Bindings
3) 2005 142.3 Murray with Orbit Bindings (same as spin bindings, I think)
4) 2008 Liquid Force Trip 138

All of these are basically the same price (~$200-$250). Any and all thoughts would be appreciated. Just respond with a vote or with some more advice/experience if you have it!


blaine4oh5 05-23-2010 5:22 AM

take out number 1

alanp 05-23-2010 6:07 AM

trip is a good board for your situation. i would steer you away from anything with a 3 stage rocker

texastbird 05-23-2010 7:38 AM


wake77 05-23-2010 8:47 PM

Why not just get a circa 1994 Skurfer?

cwaker4 05-23-2010 8:50 PM

go for one of the newer models, the biggest difference you will notice between 03-08 in the drastic change in binding comfort. sidenote, is that the vaction lake from the movie 'what about bob?" classic!

hyperlite 05-24-2010 5:31 AM

dump em all and get a b-side

samhanna 05-24-2010 8:09 AM

+1 on the bside

ajb 05-24-2010 9:21 AM

Thanks for the ideas so far..One of you guys want to sell me a Bside for $250 bucks and I'm all over it! I guess the vote is for the trip so far, but that board comes with sort of crappy adjustable bindings...but I guess it's better to head to a store and find some that fit rather than buy someones thrashed-up throw aways.

So far the trip, any more comments are welcome...and if you have an idea please throw a line in about your logic!

Thanks again guys!

hyperlite 05-24-2010 11:40 AM

ive got a marek and byerly boots for 450 if you want them

stoked_32 05-24-2010 5:00 PM

Definately the Trip. It's a proven shape than will accel your progression quicker than the others. Almost all pro's that ride for liquidforce at some point have ridden that shape (or some variation of it), so I wouldn't worry about growing into it. The only thing that would make me hesitate and tell you to ride the murray is your weight and height. You're borderline 138 or 142 , and typically people will tell you bigger is better. Lose like five to ten pounds and you'll be all set ; )

rc005 05-24-2010 9:52 PM

at 5'9 175 id still go with the trip, proven shape and youre not growing anymore so it seems the best choice

bogartsomeday 05-25-2010 8:21 PM

Alex! Here are some links to CHEAP brand new boards that are around $250! You dont need to go with an old board man! Check these out!---

http://www.evogear.com/outlet/wakebo...oard-2009.aspx - go with a 142

http://www.evogear.com/outlet/wakebo...blem-2009.aspx - whatever size you want

http://www.evogear.com/outlet/wakebo...oard-2009.aspx - again, any size

http://www.evogear.com/outlet/wakebo...blem-2009.aspx - Here's your trip for cheap, ya its a blem but who cares if its a blem?

http://www.evogear.com/outlet/wakebo...oard-2009.aspx - 141

http://www.evogear.com/outlet/wakebo...oard-2009.aspx - underrated board

http://www.evogear.com/outlet/wakebo...oard-2009.aspx - here's a b-side for only $230, and its new!

These are all great boards that have all received great reviews. I strongly recommend visiting these links cause these boards are all a few dollars under your $250 budget

liquidforcefan 05-25-2010 9:01 PM

I'd go with the One or the Trip

kcrider 05-25-2010 11:41 PM

My brother's first board was the trip. It was a great board. Really fun to ride. You won't be disappointed

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