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ricta 05-21-2010 3:03 PM

How do I slow my rotation on HS Back Roll??
Other then the simple less cut and slower approach to the wake, is there any tricks you guys use to still take your back roll huge and not over rotate?? Had someone tell me to move the handle out past my front hip but can seem to make my mind do that in the air.
Thanks for any suggestions

behindtheboat 05-21-2010 3:24 PM

You let the handle out to slow down and spot your landing. Or just take it to revert

morgs_dirtwakesnow 05-30-2010 8:07 PM

To slow down your rotation keep both hands on the handle for as long as possible. When you take your backhand off the handle, your body squares up and you begin to spin faster, keeping both hands on will slow your rotation down. hope this helps

will5150 06-03-2010 1:40 PM

Think about taking the trick staight up and keep the handle low. Also- Get really laid out- if you tuck your knees, you'll spin faster. Also keep the handle on your lead hip- that will really help.

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