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chutch 05-21-2010 6:57 AM

Alternator Whine
Hello everyone,

Ok so I just upgraded my stereo system and am having some serious alternator whine. This is the first time I have installed an audio system and never really new of it till now. Wondering if anyone can help me fix my problem. Sounds great when the boat is off but you canít even listen to it when the boat is running. All you hear is the whine so it is bad.

Here is what I am running:
Rokford Fosgate 12Ē Marine Sub (M212S4) New
2 Rockford Fosgate 8Ē Marine Midrange speakers (M282) New
Kenwood Headunit (KMR-440U) New
Kicker Amp (ZXM700.5) New
Rockfor Fosgate 1 Farad Capacitor (I am not 100% sure this is working correctly) New
Boss 530 Tower Speakers with light rail (old)

Pretty much everything except the tower speakers are new so I would hope that the problem isnít any of the components. Spent some good money on all the equipment and I was really upset yesterday when got in the boat for the first time and couldnít listen to the stereo. Donít know if it would help or not but I could sketch down the wiring diagram and maybe someone could look at it and tell me if there is something that sticks out there. Again this is the first time I have ever wired a system up but donít think I am a complete idiot. Seemed pretty straight forward when I did it. I guess I must not have something grounded out right or maybe something is not hooked up correctly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


bigdad 05-23-2010 2:38 PM

Alternator noise is almost always caused by the ground. Are you grounding directly to the battery? How long is your ground wire? How thick is your ground wire? If you have a nice thick cable as short of distance as possible to the battery, then you can fix your problem. If not, look into a noise suppressor. RCA cables can also be the source of the noise. Make sure they are good quality, insulated and run them away from the power/ground wires.

Here is some info.


tabasco1 05-24-2010 12:06 PM

Not a good idea to use a capacitor on a boat. They have to be charged up and since most people turn the batteries on their boat off when not in use. It will require a lot of extra work to include one with your stereo system. Buy an extra battery which I recomend Kinetik. Got a great deal on one from Amazon and use a Blue Sea 7650 switch with charge controller.

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