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RidingTheNW 05-19-2010 6:46 PM

Company Bindings
Has anyone gotten to ride the new Company Wake bindings? I'm thinking about getting some new bindings and I'm really interested in the Vandall or the Pro Binding. I'm going to demo a few pairs...just looking for some feedback from anyone who has ridden them.

cheesydog 05-19-2010 10:57 PM

dont know anyone whos got their hands on them yet, write up a mini review once you've demo'ed the vandalls!

kristian 05-22-2010 1:32 AM

I actually got a chance to ride the Vandalls earlier today in fact and they are by far the best Velcro boot I've ever tried (also have tried LF's and CWB's). They have a low profile ronix like fit and feel (which is probably why I liked them so much). Good footbed, plenty of arch support. Easy to get in and out of. Pretty Flexy compared to my "Ones". I'm still not sold on Velcro over laces as I feel I can never get them tight enough but if you are someone who already has Vantages and are happily on the Velcro wagon, wanting something new. I'd highly suggest the Vandalls.

boarderpat 05-24-2010 9:47 AM

I have a pair of Vandals and they are fantastic...first velcro boots I've had (previous LF Watsons and Ronix Ones) and I can definitely get them tight enough. The best advice is to drop a size though if you can manage it as the toe box does have a tendency to pack out a little, I would normally ride a 10 and when I tried them on they did fit but there was some play, if they had stretched out they would have been real sloppy so I tried the 9 and it actually fit REALLY well! Couldn't be happier with them, so light as well, with the 2010 Severance the whole setup weighs about half what my Watson LTD and Watson boots did! :D

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