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swagg 05-17-2010 9:11 PM

so im heading to Florida saturday night to go to the wake board camp im super stoked but still a little nervous can anybody give me a little insight on what to expect??

Thnx Jesse

05-17-2010 9:53 PM

lots of learning and ridding and fun

hyperlite 05-18-2010 4:12 AM


cwb4me 05-18-2010 4:28 AM

maybe a new trick will be learned. they will want to build your foundation. proper riding position and edgeing techniques.3 sessions a day so pace yourself. they will want you to ride so they can evaluate you . then they will have you do drills to strengthen your weak areas.have fun!

the_fish 05-18-2010 10:34 AM

Im going saturday too. See ya down there!

nmcjr 05-19-2010 3:11 PM

Nothing to be nervous about, just excited, very welcoming environment. Its a blast you'll love it. I've been twice, went just a month ago and there are always riders WAY better than me, but it doesn't matter everyone's just there to have fun and be supportive, whether you are leaning W2W jumps or 9's. Each time I have gone I have met new friends who I have kept in touch with since, so its a really cool experience.

3 sets a day doesn't sound like much, but you'll be spent by Wednesday and your hands will be destroyed. You'll do a ton of drills the first couple days and then move on to tricks. The drills are very helpful, so be patient with them. The advice on pacing yourself is good advice, also conserve your hands a little by letting go maybe a little more often than you might at home. Bring ibuprophen, neosporin w/ pain relief, the non-sting "Nu-Skin", sunscreen, cameras, and I brought my bindings and rope/handle. If its the one in Clermont they have all the LF boards and bindings, so you may not have to bring yours.

ryanw209 05-19-2010 3:57 PM

Expect to have a BLAST! I just went last month with Jason^ and had the time of my life. The accomidations are a little rough but you go there to wakeboard, not get pampered. Food was great, coaches are very friendly and knowledgable. Bring your own soap, shampoo, toiletries(besides TP) and a beach towel or two. Expect to met people from around the world. We had people from Sweden, Germany, Canada and the states. Like Jason said you will be sore and beat by wednesday. Stretching before and after sets helped me a little. You will go to OWC and ride the cable one day. Depending on where your level of riding is you will do some drills while learning new tricks if they see you are weak in areas. They pretty much ask you what you want to do each set and go from there.

Expect to meet people like Kyle Schmidt, Ben Greenwood, Chad Lowe, Billy Park, Amber Wing, Hayley Smith, Bob Sichel, Danny Harf, Kevin Henshaw and numerous other pros that I can't remember meeting. If your 21 or over deffinately check out the sports bar across the street and get a "Capsule"(and bring at least 2 friends, you'll see when you get there;)

Have fun! I'm already looking forward to booking my next week there!

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