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xstarrider 05-17-2010 12:48 PM

3 Stage Vs. Continuous for wake to wake
Was wondering which is preferred for wake to wake moves or if it really doesn't matter.
I have been riding Subtle 3 stage boards and aggressive continuous boards for a long time. Cwb guy for a while Prodigy, Absolute, Transcend, The Gator Rick g and most recently the Prospect. Really like the best of both worlds feel. Have taken a spin on a Shane, Ibex, and a couple other aggressive three stage boards.

I really like the pop but being a rider with a small bag (BR, Tant, Crow, TS Back, Ts Front all the 1's and working a consistent bs and fs 3) I am not consistently enough "aggressive" on the board to get the full advantage of a pure 3 stage board I don't think. I like the snap the 3 stage gets me off the wake but those boards worked me if I wasn't on point and aggressive.

So was just curious if a 3 stage gives you a better wake to wake ride since you are more up? Main reason trying to decide Recoil or Response from Slingshot. Been on a Response for a bit but don't have access to a Recoil to demo. I know they have the Reflex with a hybrid, but that seems to be more of a cable board which I will do 0 of.

This is all just stuff floating around in my mind while i sit here doped up from a nasty shoulder dislocation........so it very well could be that there is no advantage just a different feel. That's why I decided to ask.

sidekicknicholas 05-17-2010 12:55 PM

I've been on the response and the recoil.... with that said haven't had a continous rocker since my very first board (Hyperlite Juvi).... I like the recoil much more, for my riding style it just has a much better feel.... I like going straight up and down and ride an old 210.... the response just wasn't that, the recoil is/was

xstarrider 05-17-2010 1:19 PM


Did you notice any difference in the Recoil being more "slippery" under foot compared to the Response? The Response is pretty easy to break free, so wasn't sure if due to the 3 stage the Recoild would be even easier. Just curious of you notcied any difference

sidekicknicholas 05-17-2010 2:56 PM

I never ride my recoil with fins, so in that case it is more loose.... but I'm sure with fins they're about the same

wakerider111 05-18-2010 2:05 AM

the recoil will ride slower than the response too if your ok with sacrificing just a bit of speed

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