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chaser 05-17-2010 8:29 AM

Ballast Impellers
So I want to replace my ballast impellers. Right now I have the yellow for the two rear sacs in my 02 X-star that seem to work OK. I had the black impeller for my kgb and bow, but during spring inspection, I noteced it had two vains that were partially tore so I replaced it with my extra yellow impeller I had. The problem is, the yellow impeller would fill the kgb sac and bow sac, but not have enough pressure to empty it. I put the old black impeller back in and was able to drain the kgb and bow sacs. I've never had problems with my black impeller before, but switched to the yellow due to recommendations here. Now I hear the impellers are green. Stiffness half way between the black and yellow impeller or something like that? Is that the case and if so, where is the best place to get 3 quick. Thanks.

spencerwm 05-17-2010 11:26 AM

The yellow impellers were a little soft for some applications. I have personally had to put the black impellers back into pumps here at the shop especially for draining the center bags because of the amount of suction that is required to get the pumps primed.

The green impellers seem to be working well for everyone I have sold them to this season. I called Jabsco to inquire about them this winter. They said besides being a better impeller for ballast applications they also have dramatically increased run dry protection with the new compound. We have found that when adding the Mastercraft X Star or X2 additional ballast systems they are a must.

I wish I could say Wakemakers is the cheapest place to pick them up but we are not, although we do keep a healthy amount in stock. it looks like fairfieldsupply.com has them at the best price but they are sold out.

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