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ccripps 05-16-2010 4:47 PM

Looking for a little Stereo help:
The Boat I recently bought has 4 Polk 300W 4ohm 6x9’s speakers on the tower that are hooked up to a JL Audio 300/4v2 amp ( 300w 4 channel).

So here is the Question:
The 4 speakers are currently hooked up to 2 channels on the Amp. Shouldn’t they really be hooked up to all four channels??

The Prior owner had additional tower speakers which I didn’t buy, that were attached to the other 2 channels.


jonyb 05-16-2010 6:44 PM

You have 4 speakers powered by 2-channels of that amp? Are you sure the amp isn't bridged down to 2-channel mode?

younguns44 05-16-2010 7:22 PM

No you do not need 1 channel per speaker, you can use a chanel for multiple speakers

jonyb 05-16-2010 7:30 PM

I read that wrong. They're using 2-channels. If you're going to use it that way and not add any speakers, bridge the 4 channels to 2, and run each pair together.

jjaszkow 05-16-2010 8:40 PM

I think that if the channels are bridged to 2, the impedance of the speakers would likely be outside of the specifications for the amp. The amp is rated for 1.5ohms to 4 ohms @ 75wx4, but 3 ohms to 8 ohms bridged. Assuming the speakers are connected in parallel, this would lead to a 2 ohm impedance per channel which would be two low for the 4 channels. Would it work this way? Maybe would for a while, but it would eventually lead to failure. If they were run in series, you would be fine (8 ohms impedance), but the amp would produce less power.

Others may disagree with this, but I would probably hook a speaker up to each channel of the amp.

jonyb 05-16-2010 9:17 PM

It looks like the 4 speakers are playing in 2 ohm stereo on only 2-channels.

What I suggested in my last post was 2 ohm mono across 4 of the channels.

ccripps 05-16-2010 9:56 PM

The amp is not current Bridged there simply 2 channels running 4 speakers, not sure is they are in Series of Parallel. The wires from the other 2 channels are there they just aren't hooked up to anything.

The privous owner was using these to drive 8 additional speakers that I did buy with the Boat.

The manual says if they are Bridged at 8 ohms it would give me 150w on two channels ( so i would run 2 set of 2 speakers in Series for this setup)

If run at 4 ohm and run 1 channel per speaker is says that is 75W on ea of the 4 channels.

This is where I get lost, Isn't that the same power?

John, how do you setup for "Mono" at 2 ohms then I would run the speaker in Parallel to get to 2 ohms right. the Bridge setting say it must at least at 3 ohms
I also think I just lost myself on that as well.

What is the advantage of doing it that way? the Manaul says it puts out the same Power at every ohm level.

sorry for asking these basic questions , clearly I have never done this before.


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