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superair502 05-16-2010 8:52 AM

Best prop for a super air 210?
I have a 2001 super air 210 w a gt40 and I'm wanting a prop that will yank the 2800 lbs of ballast I plan on running out of the water. I am a little worried about fuel consumption but I kno it will increase some. Plz lemme know what you guys are running or what you think is the best and where to find a good price.

dohboy 05-16-2010 11:59 AM

When I went through this with my boat I contacted Bill Weeks with Acme props. I answered some of his questions and he recommended a prop that I am happy with. BWeeks@acmemarine.com

sidekicknicholas 05-16-2010 12:07 PM

Acme 856.
We usually run +2000lbs and people... takes us from idle to 24 mph faster than the stock did with just a few peopl eand no ballast.... honestly it has saved on gas, you're on plane so fast you can back off and just cruise much more quickly.

Only drawback is your new top speed will by ~34 mph

jward10 05-16-2010 12:13 PM

ACME 1464 hands down.

sidekicknicholas 05-16-2010 12:18 PM


jward10 05-16-2010 3:30 PM

Call delta props and ask them their opinion. They will tell you the 1464. I have this prop and love it. Same result. I have not been in a boat with the 856 in it so I can't say for sure. If you do a search on planetnautique you will also find several people on there bragging about the 1464. Research it and do what you feel is the best choice for you.

seth 05-16-2010 11:01 PM

I am running the 1236 on my 01 SAN with 3000 lbs. Gets it out of the water like nothing. Like everyone else says call acme or delta props for your options. There is a 20% off code on planetnautique.com.

kent_harmon 05-17-2010 9:03 AM

I have the ACME 1464 on my 01. We run about 1600 + 5 people. The thing gets up and moves! We are also at a really high altitude about 5800 feet.

mryan318 05-17-2010 9:51 AM

I have a 1464 from acme and love it. I run aboat 2000-2500 of ballast handles it no problem

superair502 05-17-2010 10:33 AM

Seth can u send me a link fir the code I cannot find it?

trdon 05-17-2010 4:22 PM

I may be in the same mindset about needing a prop. My 03 felt a little underpropped with my 1100lbs and 6 people in it this weekend.

seth 05-18-2010 8:14 AM

The 1464 and 1236 are the same prop except for the cup. The 1236 has more cup and is supposed to grip the water better creating less slip and better fuel economy.

BombWake 05-18-2010 1:44 PM


Originally Posted by mryan318 (Post 1586069)
i have a 1464 from acme and love it. I run aboat 2000-2500 of ballast handles it no problem

x2 :)

superair502 05-20-2010 7:49 PM

I asked acme directly and they recommended the 1464. What is the downside to the extra cup?

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