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guest 05-16-2010 8:14 AM

not your avg board input question, shapers help?
so this past few weeks ive been switching between the marek with .8 p wings and the conspiracy, I came to the conclusion that i love different things about both boards, and i would love the conspiracy if the fins wernt so long and tall. so what i am wondering is if i can outline the fins with the.8 p wing fin and shave them down to match that profile? then epoxy or something over top. i'll get the looser feel I want but will i still have the nice early release that the conspiracy gives me?

if someone from hyperlite would respond that would be awesome and yes i realize the warranty would be gone

kristian 05-16-2010 4:04 PM

I don't work at hyperlite but I know the conspiracy has ABS fins so just grind them down to the shape you want and you should be good to go. But I would do it bit by bit, you do not want to grind off too much. Different boards need different fin sizes.
Another thing you could try is taking a grinder to your p wings, I used to do that all the time. Make the fins shorter in the tail for a quicker release and overall looser ride.

guest 05-17-2010 9:57 AM

I'll try that with the p wings or maybe I'll drill and tap new holes to move the fins. I keep switching between the 2 and I like the up pop of the conspiracy

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