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melan_mobe 05-14-2010 1:33 AM

Harley Clifford 1080
Clean as ****. On Chad Sharpes blog....


alans 05-14-2010 4:10 AM

Clean with time....nice

cwb4me 05-14-2010 5:04 AM

awesome air made it look easy .

nuckledragger 05-14-2010 5:48 AM

Clean!!! Awesome

Luker 05-14-2010 6:39 AM

I hate that kid man... he is just so damn good.

txwakerider14 05-14-2010 7:11 AM

^^^^ Lol Me too it's not fair

jarrod 05-14-2010 7:25 AM

His 1080 look like they're less hucked.

bbr 05-14-2010 7:52 AM

Damn, he could have hit a 1260 pretty easily I think. J-Rod is right, it doesn't look hucked at all.

nuckledragger 05-14-2010 9:28 AM

Agreed, I think its the smoothest 10 vid I've seen yet.

rclester89 05-14-2010 9:51 AM

This kid is unbelievable!

captain_vilfo 05-14-2010 12:08 PM

That was the only 1080 ive seen where it was stomped. I think he could easily had went for a 12 based off of how he finished rotating before he hit the water. At the rate this kids going Im sure well see one next week lol

andy_nintzel 05-14-2010 2:24 PM

He makes everything look good, look at his is Crow Mobe 5, typically an ugly trick, not when Harely tosses them!

the_bum 05-14-2010 3:42 PM

wow that was amazing

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