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wakeripper 05-13-2010 11:31 PM

Canyon Lake Wakeboard Club 1st contest Sat.
It's that time of year again. The first contest of the CLWC wakeboard series is this Saturday at the Lake Elsinore channel. This year they will be splitting time between the Channel and the Canyon Lake backwater. Should be another great year to come out and hang with some friends and make some new ones with a little contest thrown in the middle to fuel the competitive urge. Be sure to check out the website for more info.... http://www.wakeboardclub.com/

slipknot 05-14-2010 7:54 AM

is MB 21 Tomcat pulling the event?:cool:

slipknot 05-14-2010 12:36 PM

yes it is:D

johnny_defacto 05-16-2010 1:51 PM

it was a great 1st contest. A brand new "0" hour F21 and a brand new VLX pulled the event.

ryker1 05-16-2010 2:15 PM

Results posted anywhere?

sixeye 05-16-2010 4:13 PM

Results are usually posted on the CLWC web site (wakeboardclub.com) although last year, they weren't posted for a while. Perhaps it was a busy summer for the webmaster.

I intended to go but was invited to help a friend with some site prep elsewhere. I was thinking about you guys at the channel though!

pls_photography 05-18-2010 1:51 PM

CLWC images
I have posted my pictures from the first contest of the year at:
Missed seeing you there Randy!

dclarke 05-20-2010 9:41 AM

I would like to thank all the sponsors and riders for participating in CLWC 1st event of the year, see ya at the next one. Schedule and photos on the website

sixeye 05-20-2010 5:30 PM

Great pics, Steve! I feel like I was there!

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