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slipknot 05-13-2010 10:31 AM

West Coast Camps
Who is going this summer and when?

I am thinking about sending my 10 year old up to Mike S. and crew. I have heard nothing but good things from numerous people.

post up some pics if you have them

I think its an all MB school this summer :D

centexshred 05-13-2010 6:43 PM

such a sick camp there is literally nothing bad to say about any part of the camp

supratweaked 05-13-2010 7:41 PM

Mike has put together a camp on the West Coast that is second to none. This will be our fourth year in a row. My girls now go to Florida to train in Spring because of the better conditions (Temps)., but always want to hit WCC after school is out though. They get soo much more out Camp besides just wakeboarding. Your son will have a blast. The girls are going the 3rd week which is now full.

I think the weeks are filling fast, so you better jump on it quick. I guarantee your son will beg you to let him stay another week when you go to pick him up. Then he will sleep all the way home he will be so exhausted.

codesters2 05-14-2010 2:50 PM

Im signing up for one of the adult sessions as we speak. Does anyone know the water level right now? is there enough to fill the private cove or whatever it is that Schwenne has rented?

05-14-2010 5:52 PM

I'm already signed up for adult week #2. This is my second year going and I'm sure the lake level is waaayyy higher than last year. Last year was kinda the peak of the drought and we still had a blast last year. we've gotten so much rain and all the other lakes are almost totally full. I'm sure Lake McClure is the same. WCC is such a great place, I wouldn't hesitate to send my kids there. The coaching, food, accomodations are all really great!

bg__dereks_mom 05-15-2010 9:35 AM

Hi Guys,
I live up here at Lake McClure. Water level is much higher than last year, and coming up fast. There is plenty of water in Mike's cove. Don't hesitate to come up and have a great time.

Dizzzy 05-17-2010 2:40 AM

Have you seen their website yet? If not, you can check out lots of stuff on there, they have both videos and photos. http://www.westcoastcamps.com/wakeboard_camp_youth.html

On a personal level, when in high school, I went on a number of wakeboard trips with Mike, and he is a total class act. The plain and simple truth is he does it right. He starts with the fundementals, and works up from there. It isn't boot camp though, the campers have fun, with so much other stuff available for them when they aren't out riding.

Alliance did a video of the coaches that you can see here http://www.alliancewake.com/wake/mee...camps-coaches/

I don't know much about the coaches, but on a personal level, the biggest thing that I noticed about Mike, when he was in high school was that he was humble. I was amazed when he watched his peers drop their jaws at what he could do and yet when he wasn't getting pulled behind a boat, he was a totally normal kid...no ego. I did meet Trever last summer, having no idea that he was capable of what he does in that video. He was totally a nice kid, ( I am 30 and I assume he is way younger than me).

In fairness though I must confess I am biased. Like I said I went on a few trips to the lake with Mike. I have actually purchased a houseboat on Lake McClure within this last calender year. I am however in no way affiliated with WCC though. If you want more info about my interaction with him and his family I would be happy to share it with you if you PM me.

Let me close by saying this though, I have a 10 month old daughter, and the year she can get up on a wakeboard, that is the year she is getting instruction from Mike or his coaches. Having done it on my own and developed a bunch of terrible habits, I don't want her following in my footsteps.

Hope this helps

bg__dereks_mom 05-17-2010 10:23 PM

Which boat did you buy, and where is it located?
We live up on the hill above the lake and own a houseboat located at the spillway. Are you a member of the Houseboat owners Assoc ?

Dizzzy 05-17-2010 10:53 PM

Hi Becky,

We bought a boat in Arnold cove. I am not however a member of the association yet, although I plan to. I am still trying to get all the papers taken care of (mooring agreement, transfer papers, figure out stuff that needs fixing on the boat and what not). We really only bought it a couple of months ago. I don't even know where I go to get papers to join the association. Still in the learning process of everything that needs to be done.

Do you have any tips for a new houseboat owner on McClure?

bg__dereks_mom 05-17-2010 11:12 PM

You can e-mail us at becknlynn@tds.net. My husband is a board member of the Assoc. We can give you the info on how to join. It is only $15.00 a year. Feel free to call us too. 209-378-2202. Hope you plan to participate in the poker run on Aug 7th. It is a lot of fun, and there are always great prizes. If you have any questions contact us. My husband is always willing to help with questions regarding your boat. Hope to see you on the Lake

moman 05-18-2010 9:57 PM

You just could not ask for a better coaching experience. A week of living the life style, learning the tricks to be a better wakeboarder and hanging with guy's and gals tha that eat, sleep and breath wake. I've sent my kids for the last 4 years and again this year. They always come home with new tricks and have stepped up there game. Worth every penny. WCC Rocks.

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