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gnat87 05-12-2010 10:39 PM

Tuning pointers for a wetsounds system
I just put 4 Pro 80's with 2 Syn4's pushing them on my boat. I tuned it and its way loud out in the driveway. This weekend was the first time I was behind the boat boarding and with the wind noise at 25mph I am wanting to tune again to see if I can get a little more out of it. Im no expert, these are my first HLCD's, and this is the first audio system I have ever attempted to tune. So for the guys with the same/simular setup or the pro's, what is a good level for the gains? I know every system is different, I am just trying to get an idea of how bad these speakers are and what they will handle. I was very conservative when I did the tuning the first time, the gains are at about 1/4 of max(best way I can describe it)...long story short...I didnt want to get out there and blow the speakers or anything while trying to tune it. Ive also got the WS420 for the fine tuning.
Thanks for any info I can get

vr6mole 05-13-2010 4:00 AM

set your headunit volume with all EQ's at zero to a 75% of the maximum value. Mine goes to 33, I tune at ~27.

Adjust your gains until distortion occurs then go back a notch.

Then when riding set your volume to that 75% of max volume.

gnat87 05-16-2010 10:33 PM

Was out on the lake today and decided to start playing with the system. After a couple of minutes I had it sounding pretty good and then I came across a small problem. When I would turn the system up to about 27-28 and begin listing to music from my ipod it would sound good, loud and clear. After about 30 seconds on some songs it would begin to sound very muffled. I could then turn the HU to 0 then back up and the sound would be back to normal. I backed my gains back to where they were originally because it has never done it before and it continued to do it throughout the day. If i left the headunit on 24-25 it wouldnt do it. When I say muffled you could still understand the music, but most/all of the highs were gone and alot of bass and much more quite. Anyone seen this problem before or know what it could be? Could it be a safety feature of some sort on the amps?

2- Syn4
4- Pro80
Alpine deck
2- 6volt interstate deep cycle

jonyb 05-17-2010 2:04 AM

What's treble turned up to? It should be flat on the head unit, and close to flat on teh eq.

vr6mole 05-17-2010 5:34 AM

sounds like the amps went into protection mode. my 300/2 did this when we had a towel covering up the cooling fins.

Was it very hot out?

Do the amps get any type of air flow?

gnat87 05-17-2010 7:02 AM

The treble is flat on the head unit and I think close to that on the EQ. The only thing I played with were the gains on each amp.

It was right at 91 yesterday. Each amp does have a fan inside. Also I got in there when the problem happened and checked the led on the amps and it was solid green indicating normal operation

Thank you for the responses.

wetsounds1 05-17-2010 8:33 AM


You are hitting the protection circuit in the PRO 80's. We developed a circuit that will cut off the horn when it senses a "clipped" signal. What happens is the horn will attenuate once it senses the clipped signal and when that clipping is gone, the horn will come back on

So this is most likely what you are hearing. You are running a TON of power to the speakers. So tuning is very very important. My suggestion is to call Gyver in tech support if you get stuck. But you need to re tune for sure.

Follow the set up guide I wrote for the WS-420 off our web site. If you weren’t already. This is a good rule of thumb on setting up a system. Do not worry about where the gain is located as there is no right or wrong. Every system is different. But I can tell you that you should NEVER hit the protection circuit. I set it very high so it only kicks in when getting hard distortion. So sounds like you have the settings wrong for sure and the gains not properly matched.

Also, make sure the ipod is set to flat. If the head unit has an ipod gain input adjustment, that may need to be turned down as well.

If you get stuck, feel free to email me at twhite@wetsounds.com and we can walk through some more things in detail.

Tuning is an art form. So don’t fret, it takes time

Wet Sounds

gnat87 05-17-2010 10:40 AM

Thanks everyone for the responses. Tim your the man, that sounds like what is happening. This is why I bought Wetsounds

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