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d_h_wake 05-12-2010 6:51 AM

Hyperlite or Byerly stance extendor???
Does anyone know if Hyperlite or Byerly makes a stance extendor like Ronix?? I bought a 2010 Byerly Conspiracy and 2010 Byerly pro boots and cannot seam to get my stance wide enough??

cjh1669 05-12-2010 6:56 AM

I'd like to know this as well. Might change my mind on selling my monarch

d_h_wake 05-14-2010 7:48 AM

I was wondering to get stance extendors if i could just use the ronix extendors on my Byerly/Hyperlite type teeth on my bindings?? or would they not fit??

mikejones 05-18-2010 8:31 AM

Same question here. I have some new Hyperlite Team bindings on a Hyperlite 09 board and can't get them wide enough due to the smaller mounting plate on the 2010s. I also have some Ronix extenders, but haven't looked to see if that will work. I doubt it will.

coreym 05-18-2010 11:37 AM

Your shop can order retro fit kits to make 2009 boots fit on a 2010 board and visa versa. Stick with the 6" plates when ever possible though. Even though you cant use the very furthest out hole you will only be losing about an inch in your stance and you will gain less heel and toe lift since the 6" plate are the torsionally stiffest plates for 2010. my .02.

Corey M
Warranty Manager @ Hyperlite

mikejones 05-18-2010 1:56 PM

1 Attachment(s)
As you can see in the attached pic, with the 2010 setup, i'm on the outer most hole to the right of the boot, yet i'm on the 3rd hole in from on the left side. Previous 09 Murray's were on the widest stance possible. and with this as pictured, it narrows my stance a couple inches.

Will the kits you reference fix this and allow a wider stance from that shown below?

Attachment 3625

michaelspsp 05-18-2010 2:57 PM

ive got the same problem with my 2010 Marek bindings and 2008 Marek 146 board....

gmcevoy 05-18-2010 3:10 PM

The 2010 Hyperlite boots are on the same low pro plate system as the high end 2009 bindings. So you can order the 8" claw ring and throw them on the 2010 bindings. I had 09 Murrays and put a 2010 base plate on those bindings and it worked perfectly.

michaelspsp 05-18-2010 3:27 PM

ok, but since there is a 2 inch difference, using the above pic, the 8" plate would allow you to go all the way out but not in between the above location and all the way out. correct? i mean, i want to move mine 1 hole to the left, which is only 1 inch.

mikejones 05-18-2010 3:56 PM

If the 09 8" plates fit the 2010 boots, then your problem and mine are solved as you'd have the same capability as with pre-2010 boots on a pre-2010 board.

Is this the kit mentioned above? Corey?

coreym 05-18-2010 5:45 PM

On that board the 8" kit will allow you to widen your stance by 2". You can easily use the 8" plates on the 2010 boots too. There will be a little bit more heel and toe lift than the 6" plates so you will ahve to figure out what is more important for your riding style. Let me kwno if you have any other questions. thanks.

Corey M

BTW - the outer most hole on the 2010 insert pattern is so you can get the 8" insert packs as wide as the 6" insert packs. The last hole in is not for the 6" plates and you are better off just sticking with the 6" base paltes.

mikejones 05-18-2010 5:58 PM

I'd rather stick with the 6" plates if I can get them as wide as I could previously with 09 murrays. Which was the widest setting on the 09 setup.

So there is a kit? Other than swapping to the 8" to keep the 6" plate and widen the stance?

Thanks for your help Corey.

michaelspsp 05-18-2010 6:18 PM

i think i should just get a new marek nova core and sell my old one!

mikejones 05-19-2010 5:44 AM

and i should prolly get the murray nova core. Ha! Have we talked ourselves into it yet?

michaelspsp 05-19-2010 7:38 AM

yes we did! i think this is what hyperlite wanted all along! lol

cheesydog 06-10-2010 7:35 PM

wait wait wait.. Im confused, so are you saying that the 2010 board and bindings dont match up properly? As in if you have the Conspiracy and the 2010 Byerly boots, how far out will it go? Im currently on 2010 LF on my conspiracy and they go almost all the way out, they are 1 hole in which is fine for me. How far out would the 2010 HL or Byerely boots go, as I was contemplating getting the audios

jason95gt 06-11-2010 8:20 PM

Just buy the Ronix extender as they will work just fine on the hyperlite boots.

hyperlite 06-16-2010 12:20 PM

and yet the HL boots are changing again next year....what are customers to do then?

hyperlite 06-16-2010 12:21 PM

completly remove the base plate and by new mounting systems?

hyperliteoz 06-17-2010 7:05 PM

that outer hole is to accomodate the older plates - because the new plate is narrower, in actuality you are as wide as you'd be if you were using the old plates (if you have an older set unscrew the baseplate and screw them on your new boots and you'll see what I mean.)

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