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Doogaloo 05-12-2010 4:28 AM

Best technique for cleaning carpet
Tried the search function. Was wondering what everyone does for cleaning there carpet. I've heard of using a pressure washer. Do you use any cleanser? If the weather stops raining and gets decent, I would like to do this next week.

chris4x4gill2 05-12-2010 6:58 AM

I dont like the idea of using the pressure washer personally. I have an older boat, and the carpet was horible whe nI got it, now its much better, but by no means pristine.

When I was the boat, I use a scrub brush on a pole. I wash the carpet with the soapy water and that brush as well. The reason is I can work the soap into the carpet using the prush to loosen up the dirt. I then take a shop vac and vacume out as much as I can. Then, I co back with a hand held carpet cleaner (Bissel Little Green Cleaner) and go over everything with it.

Its amazing how much dirt comes up with the carpet cleaner, even after the shop vac.

For the summer quick cleans or spot cleans, I just use the carpet cleaner.

ndavis03 05-12-2010 8:23 AM

Chris- When you say soapy water, what kind of soap do you use?

grant_west 05-12-2010 10:01 AM

Best technique for cleaning carpet.

Call Stanley Steamer. IMO no one has a machine that is as powerfull and can remove as much dirt as the pro's have but if that's not in the cards.
BTW most cleaners have a $99 special. you can get them to do one room and then have your boat right there it will take them 5 mins

1. Take a Air hose and blast compressed air threw the carpet. This will blast more than 1/2 of the dirt right out of the carpet and stand up the carpet nap. Spray the air in a way that stands up the carpet. You will feel the dirt getting blasted out of the carpet. IMO this is the single bets way to get started. This way your not making mud. Dirt and water make mud. Get as much dirt out b4 you start and then you not dealing with as much dirt.

2. If you boat is set up so you can pressure wash it the by all means go for it. I could never run a pressure washer threw my boat with all the electronics. But I use the pressure washer on the family pontoon boat and it works awesome.

3. Then use a carpet shampoo machine to suck out the excess water. The Carpet shampoo machine works more as a wet and dry vac more than a cleaning machine.

If you cant run the pressure washer then spot clean dirt or stains and then run the machine over the spots. I use HOT HOT water and a scrub brush with a handle on it so my hands dont get cook'd by soap and hot water to remove spots.

If you don't use the air to blow out the carpet b4 u start you will notice your shampoo machine will just be sucking out mud water. This make for spotty carpet and when it drys you will notice water or ring makes around the edges

jmanolinsky 05-12-2010 10:06 AM

I wouldn't be afraid to pressure wash it. I've done mine that way before with no problems. I'd pressure wash it, wet vac it and repeat until the water in the wet vac isn't nasty. Then I'd brush it up with some carpet cleaner and repeat the pressure wash, wet vac until the soap is out. If you leave soap in the carpet, it will get dirty again quicker.

chris4x4gill2 05-12-2010 10:48 AM

Nick, - Same soap I washed the outside of the boat with. Usually a car or boat wash type soap.

dirtracer27x 05-12-2010 11:19 AM

unsnap it and throw it in the washing machine.

just kiddin

acurtis_ttu 05-12-2010 12:30 PM

pressure wash. I dont' use any soap, but pre treat big stains.

I try and get as much dirt up by vaccuming really good, then hit it with the pressure washer a few times, then wet/dry vac up.

rebelman10 05-12-2010 12:50 PM

Big difference when you got snap out. I read my manual when I first bought my boat and it said to use a regular vac with a beater brush. It helps lift the pile like new. I vac then wash with soap and stiff brush, circular motion then rinse. Looks new.

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