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mdaijogo 05-10-2010 12:32 PM

First set with Shred Ready helmet
Did a set on Satuday in the delta with the Standard Full Cut. I am glad I got this thing. I didn't get the "bell rung" feeling as I am still learning how to jump wakes. I forgot that I was wearing it as it was quite comfortable.

My friend wore it as well. He said it was a nice thing to have as he too did not get the "bell rung" feeling after falling.

+1 for Shred Ready in my books.


Luker 05-10-2010 12:40 PM

Nice man... love to see more SR lids in the wake scene! Congrats on the pick up and spread the word!!!!

bbsxkills 05-10-2010 2:32 PM

shred ready wins.

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