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theabramson 05-09-2010 11:39 AM

New to Wakeboarding
Hey everyone i have a wakeskate but am starting to get tired of not getting big air and wanting to convert. any ideas on a cheap wakeboard like 150 to 200?

wakerider111 05-09-2010 3:41 PM

*buy last years or older (but not too old... ohh say 2007 or newer maybe)
*check for deals on used ones on the classifieds here and other places

check http://boardersbestbuy.com/ often. (today they don't have a board, but most times they have either a board or boots for a good deal.)
check it daily as the deal changes daily

irishrider92 05-10-2010 3:05 PM

Cheapest I could find. Board and bindings for under $320

Or next cheapest if the bindings dont fit.

bridges 05-10-2010 3:13 PM

check ebay and craigslist.. can easily find u a set up on there for under 275 or cheaper..

bridges 05-10-2010 3:28 PM

here are a few... the third board the liquid force shane is a high dollar board and for that price its super cheap! and it gets lots of pop.. just find u some bindings and u wud be set.. for real cheap and have a very very nice set up..




05-10-2010 5:11 PM

Just bought that Shane above...great deal!!

bridges 05-10-2010 5:17 PM

im glad there is 10 of them for sale or id pissed at u for stealin it since i posted it for matt hahaha

05-10-2010 6:15 PM

Yeah, but you wouldn't have known had I not posted it. Great find btw, those guys are right down the road from me here in Indiana and are blowing out their stuff, sick price on that board, that is $100 at least cheaper than any other place on the net. CRAZY can't wait till it shows up on my doorstep.

bridges 05-10-2010 6:20 PM

i was just giving u a hard time. no worries atleast i helped one person out so i did some good today lol ya its crazy cheap! i hope you enjoy it! good luck!

theabramson 05-10-2010 6:22 PM

thanks for the ideas guys. it will really help. too many choices! haha. but i'll be looking to buy from all of those links. thanks again!

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