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Ryan123 05-08-2010 11:49 PM

Is the Ronix Ibex 144 the right size for me?
So my dad really surprised me this year and got me a beautiful new ibex for my birthday. im really stoked about it, but im not sure he got the right size. im just under 6 foot and 165 lbs, and i was looking at the chart on the bottom and it said the 144 is for 180 lbs and up. so im wondering if it will be worth seeing about getting it switched, or if the extra couple of centimeters will really effect anything. ive read on this forum that extra length will give it more pop, but are there any negatives to the extra length?

kristian 05-09-2010 12:06 AM

Dude run with it!! Bigger = Better!!

hawkeye7708 05-09-2010 8:03 AM

It'll do nothing but help you. Also keep in mind that the boards that a Ronix 144 board i'd be itching to bet will weigh less than a 140 from another company 5 years ago. More surface area, with good form, will give you more pop and also firm up your landings. Roll with it man. ^^ Bigger is better!!

Matt 05-09-2010 9:02 AM

I have a 2009 Ronix Ibex 144, I'm 240# and I like it.. All my smaller friends prefer it over their own boards...

Ryan123 05-09-2010 5:13 PM

so its not going to make it harder to control or anything?

kristian 05-09-2010 6:18 PM

If you were like 5'5" then maybe yes (but I have seen small dudes ride the 144) but you're 6'0" so you'll be fine, there may be be a slight adjustment period but the benefits are well worth it. More surface area = more lift, more stability, softer landings and better street cred haha. So if you can control it, ride as big as you can.

hawkeye7708 05-10-2010 8:31 AM


You shouldn't have any trouble whatsoever with it. As was just said, if your coming from a noticeably smaller board, there may be a quick minute that takes adjusting but you'll dig it.

hawkeye7708 05-10-2010 8:35 AM

AND if you really want good size justification, going down to a 140, a 4 Cm difference is only .78 of an inch off each tip haha

Ryan123 05-10-2010 4:04 PM

ok thanks. i think i just needed the little extra reassurance. i cant wait to ride it!

bogiedog1 05-10-2010 5:00 PM

Your dad probably wants to ride that succa...

Seriously, I have that board. When I bought it I weighed 195, now I weigh 175 and the board feels great, I love it. Like someone above said, its a really light board, and when you are riding it doesn't feel that big. Plus if you're 6 feet tall a bigger board will allow you a wider stance than a smaller board, if thats what you like.

Ryan123 05-10-2010 6:54 PM

He make it very clear that its his board. he just lets me ride it ;)

superair502 05-11-2010 6:51 PM

Ronix actually measures their board length by longest point of the board rather than an average of the tip length like all other companies, so it would prolly be like a 140 or 141 in another brand. I dont know why ronix doesnt make this a known fact but I got that info from chad sharpe firsthand.

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