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frosty2469 05-08-2010 9:18 PM

Where is the underwater light test results?
Hi All,

I've searched extensively, and keep ending up with dead links...

I am looking for the results to the underwater light test...

It is referenced at the bottom of the "Underwater LED Test!" page:


The link is listed as being:


But, this link is dead, and I have searched to no avail.

anyone? Bueller?

thanks in advance,


frosty2469 05-10-2010 8:00 AM

Bump! ^^^

razzman 05-10-2010 8:44 AM

This one? http://www.wakeworld.com/forum/showt...ter+light+test

frosty2469 05-10-2010 9:06 AM

Thank you!

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