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clayton191 05-04-2010 3:08 PM

Super Clean Carpet - Check it.
Dudes, my carpet in my malibu has been looking pretty sad. Its got dirt, grim, oil from a oilchange mishap ... bad times... Today I went balls to the wall and tried a concoction of my own -- so far so good... boat looks awesome, though i'm now so sunburned I probably wont get to enjoy it this weekend!

First, Took a hose and went apesh$t on the carpet, just soaked it. Then I took some Dial detergent and dumped it on the carpet. Then I grabbed some oxy clean -- the kind that is like a powder --- and i dumped it on the carpet.... Followed that up with a quick shot from the hose to get everything nice and gooey.... Finally I used a bristled brush and started swirling. I kept dowsying the carpet with water... I used a shop vac, sucked the carpet dry, then re-wet it and did it again until no soapy looking crap was coming out of it....

Afterwards, I took some purell mountain fresh fabric softner and cover the floor with it. Same thing, wet it, swirl it with brush, spray with hose, suck it up, spray with hose, suck it up ... until it was gone....

Boat looks brand friggin new -- took me 3 hours to do an XTI -- I know, horribly long time... but i'm so frigging stoked that it doesnt look like the carpet needs to be replaced....

Now we wait and see if the carpet falls out, fades, turns blue, grows algae, or eats children....


mdaijogo 05-04-2010 3:10 PM

Pics or ban! J/K. Oxyclean is great stuff.


bruizza 05-04-2010 3:22 PM

this thread definitely needs some pictures.

newty 05-04-2010 4:06 PM


eats children....
:D Funny :D

jonyb 05-04-2010 4:19 PM

No pics? I need to do this with my carpet after it's trip to the dealer to sit outside for 6 weeks.

taylormade 05-04-2010 4:23 PM

oxyclean is from the gods... I soaked my dock in it before I pressure washed it and it made quick work of the job... insane. I second the use of fabric softener in it too... I've done this with a pressure washer in my 04 X2 and it's always come back looking and feeling new.

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