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AIrwar209 05-04-2010 4:26 AM

Just curious if there are any other runners out there? I just participated in my first marathon a little over a week ago. I completed the Big Sur International Marathon in 4:48:22. Not blazing fast but it was goodtimes and I look forward to my next. Any advice on other must-do runs would be good too...

ttrigo 05-04-2010 8:26 AM

Santa Barbara had their first annual this past december. I ran a relay in that with a couple of friends. not into long distances too much. however, the scenery is pretty good. probably as good as the big sur one was. you might want to look into that for the end of the year.
congrats by the way. huge accomplishment. not on my bucket list by any means, but that is only because I am a big sissy.

magic 05-04-2010 9:09 AM

Have done one of three planned this season so far. Next up is the Seattle Rock n Roll Marathon in June and then an other regional one in Sept or Oct. Wife and I are focusing on running this year.

Looking to do the Seattle RnR in 3:20 or under which is my Boston Marathon qualifying time. I should be right about there. I did the Whidbey Island Marathon last month in 3:30 on 3.5hrs a week average training and was super sick leading up to the race. Between now and the Seattle RnR in June I'll focus on speed work to get my legs used to the slightly faster pace needed to hit 3:20. Running a 13.1 this coming weekend as a prep race.

I've done Ironmans too and the funny thing is a Marathon seems so short in comparison. My wife and I were joking around about this before I did the Whidbey Island marathon; it's just a stand alone Marathon, just eat breakfast before hand, take a couple of gels and some water on the course and crank it out. I think this just shows how much about running long distance is mental. A few years back the thought of running over 13.1 miles was completely foreign to me. Now 13+ mile run might be my mid week tempo distance during peak training. I'd like to try a 50km race and then a 50miler. Not sure I want to deal with a 100miler but do have friends that complete at the 50+ mile distance.

ottog1979 05-04-2010 10:25 AM

I've done 8 and am doing #9 this fall - New York Marathon. Running keeps me mellow & young!

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