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mattgettel 05-03-2010 9:23 AM

Rainy weeked yields summer pool!
The lake i ride at came up 8.8 feet in the last 24 hours. One local spot came up 20 feet in the last 24 hours. This puts us above summer pool. It's kinda high now but i will take it. Hope your local spot looks the same!

texastbird 05-03-2010 5:09 PM

Starting the season with full lakes is always a good feeling!

roughrivermike 05-04-2010 5:58 AM

Ours in Kentucky went from 2 1/2' down on friday to 12 1/2' up by monday morning. They have not posted the level yet today, but I'm sure it will climb.

roughrivermike 05-04-2010 6:53 AM

Up another 2' as of tuesday morning. Total of 14.4' above summer pool. This always makes for exciting boat ramp fun. Launching in the middle of the parking lot!

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