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05-02-2010 7:51 PM

2010 Hyperlite Murray or 2010 Hyperlite Marek
What are yalls thoughts on either of these boards? What are the pros/ cons of each? How does each ride/ land/ and pop etc?

sippi 05-02-2010 9:03 PM

Glad you posted this, I'm actually looking to buy one of the two in the nova core. I heard they both rode VERY similar in the way they feel and edge. I'm hoping the Murray has a bit more kick to it since it's 3stage. Hopefully someone will know. I've ridden the 09 marek. Loved it but just looking for a 3stage so hopefully that Murray will be the best of both worlds.

JohnM 05-03-2010 9:09 AM

I've taken a few sets on the 142 Murray Nova Core.
-Rolls from edge to edge and holds and edge very nicely. Probably due to the center spine and cupped rails.
-Lands fairly soft, but does lose some momentum on landings due to three stage rocker.
-Really Nice Pop
Overall impression: Raley Machine!

*I have a terrible bias against three stage boards, but I liked this board quite a bit. Usually I find that I hate the way three stage boards feel when they are riding through the water, but this board was just free enough that it felt good. I prefer the Witness and Viva hybrid shapes.

05-03-2010 4:00 PM

Thanks for all the feed back!!! How much lighter is the nova core and is it worth buying over the bio?

tom_paz 05-03-2010 7:40 PM

Hunter - yes, the nova core is noticeably lighter than the PU foam counterpart, but where the real benefits kick in is the lively aggressive snap off the wake from the machined PVC core. when you shake this type of core, it shakes back. also the strata mounting system is bonded with resin twice top and bottom, so its break-strength has increased to almost double than the 1200 psi that PU core hyperlite decks normally have. The nova core's break-strength is close to 2000 psi. so it is definitely stronger than most boards. plus you can get a wider stance than the normal inserts offer.

I have not ridden the new Murray, but rode the Marek for half the season last year and here's my overall impression. this thing is lightning fast, rolls onto edge almost too easily with little effort required. and its pretty sensitive to respond. once on edge it sits deep in the water, but nice and skatey when flat. pops smooth off the wake, and most people actually feel such sheer speed coming into the wake that it pops them bigger than expected or quicker than what they were ready for. landings are broken up by a molded in landing shape and no speed is lost even in the flats, but doesnt have the "heel-toe" rock when on the swim deck.
I dont think you could go wrong with either of the Marek or Murray though. they are unique but sick rides.

05-04-2010 3:12 PM

Thank you so much!! That helps a lot!!

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