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anodyne 05-01-2010 2:00 AM

Love the 2002 Byerly 132 - recommendations for new board?

Sadly, you really can't find 'em anymore, so I'm out looking for an alternative.

Any suggestions on a board that rides similar to the early Byerlys? Super low, skate-y feel with that nice, heavy transition?

shredthegnar87 05-01-2010 2:30 PM

i actually have one that i havent ridden in years that is in really good condition if your interested.

PM me an we can talk about it

kyle_L 05-01-2010 2:44 PM

The byerly finless is an absolutely epic board. Sometimes they make a board that is ahead of it's time ie the byerly finless and doesn't really take off but it was definitely a sick board. I would love to try one out again and see if I still like it.

sidekicknicholas 05-01-2010 3:10 PM

I use to ride the 02' 142 Byerly DNA -- was my favorite board I ever owned until my 09 Slingshot.

Its has similar speed, pop, tracking....everything, they are close, only the slingshot just takes all the little issues of the 02' being old and takes care of them

anodyne 05-02-2010 9:44 AM

It's funny you say that Kyle - I was all gung-ho for new board shapes and technology a few years back, rode my buddy's '02 Byerly 128 (I weigh 170, mind you), and was blown away with how much fun it was to ride, and with how much personality it had.

Thanks for the recommend Nick – someone made a similar comparison a while back, and your post reminded me of that again. Unless anyone chimes in with additional recommendations, it looks like that's where I'll be heading (in addition to hopefully picking up Gnar's 2002)!

BigTEX 05-02-2010 3:56 PM

One of my first boards was the 2001 byerly 132 and it was one of my favorite shapes ive ever ridden to date

BigTEX 05-02-2010 3:57 PM

But i would definitely recommend either the slingshot reflex or recoil for a new shape

tom_paz 05-02-2010 8:26 PM

If you like the byerly ride, why not check out some of the more current ones? The assault is practically exactly just what you described. Sits lower in the water, no center fin so its skatey but has crisp molded fins to give you one solid edge hold. in addition, it has a fiberglass rope that is fused into the resin along the edges of the board. what this does is it give the board flex tip to tail, but keeps the board torsionally solid so it has consistent snap and release off the wake. I only rode it one set and was extremely stoked on it. very fun ride and i could tell it was very lively under my feet. Dont pass this up, it just might be right up your alley.

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