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04-30-2010 5:24 PM

Learning Jumps Board
Hey guys, last year was my first year Wakeboarding. I got the surface 180 down and barely any air. This year the goal is Wake to wake. I know lame, but gotta start somewhere. I am an old guy but very athletic so hope it comes pretty easy. 34 years old. Anyway, I am wondering what board or setup I should buy to learn to wake to wake and maybe even wake 180s. Thoughts? Liquid Force Fish is what I ride now. I am 6'0 160lbs size 10 shoe. I have found some 07 Watson open toe bindings for $100 size Large so I think I am gonna buy those, but what board should I be looking at for some control landing and pop enough to go wake to wake and learn to stomp some stuff. Thanks


ponyh8r 04-30-2010 10:33 PM

Its not the board. You should will be able to learn all the tricks you need to know on the LF Fish that you already own. If you want a new board because it is a new season, i would suggest a more traditional board in the 136-138 size range. The LF Fish was designed to be a fun board, but i don't know many people who ride it exclusively without owning another board.

To me, it seems the problem is that you don't know the proper technique for clearing the wake. First off, i suggest starting slow; try one wake jumps first. Practice the progressive cut. Swing out wide, then when you feel the boat start to pull you back to center, begin to lean on your heels to start your cut. You want to "progressively" edge harder towards the wake. In other words, your fastest point should be AT the wake. When i say fastest, that doesn't mean you have to be going super fast, it just means that you want the wake to be the point in which you are traveling the fastest of that particular cut.

Make sure to keep consistent pressure on the line. That pressure should be increasing as the cut progresses. Once you get to the wake and the board begins to edge up it, you want to straighten out your legs, resisting the forthcoming "pop". Don't absorb the wake with your legs. Also, don't fully lock out your knees. Use your hip and leg muscles to remain stiff. Stand tall.

The timing is the next big issue. You want to be standing tall AT the lip of the wake, centered on your boards rocker or pop point. As you pop, ensure the handle remains low, near your waist. Look up at the horizen or towards the shore. As you start to come down, spot your landing and be prepared to now absorb the landing with your knees.

Ride away stoked. You should start small as suggested before, jumping one wake first. Pop will get you across the wake, but you need to build that first. Don't worry about clearing both wakes at this point. Make sure on your cut, to keep the handle in front of you and close to your body and waist. Don't let it get pulled to where your arms are fully extended in front of you, that will cause you to get pulled forward.

I hope this helps. I personally believe that 90% of someone's pop is from them...not the board. I think most folks on here would agree with that.

05-01-2010 7:14 AM

Thanks man, yeah I am gonna start slow. Got knocked out (concussion) last year tryin to learn to jump so that really slowed me down last year. To the point I have thought about a helmet just to learn. Anyway, I know the board is only maybe 10% but I know nothing about boards so can someone just tell me what to go look for? I know I know, personal preference, but I haven't ridden anything else. I want a traditional board, for me and wife. She can learn. So, what about the PS3? or Watson? or anything hell I don't know..lol Those are just names I have seen. I want something that is going to be easier to learn to jump with, and LAND with, since my header into the water. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Anyone can post their setup, or a setup I might like with my 6'0 165lbs set up.

ponyh8r 05-01-2010 7:35 AM

Others might chime in. If it was someone in my crew who was just learning, i would stick them on something with a continuous rocker. Continuous rocker boards provide more consistent pop off the wake when compared to three stage rocker boards. I would also get something with removable fins, that way you can use the fins as you are learning, and remove them later as you develop stronger edge techniques. You named two liquid force boards, i will assume you like their boards...they are my personal favorite. For your weight i would suggest 136-139 sizes. The liquid force groove and liquid force trip are good choices that should fit your needs.

I would not suggest the PS3 or Watson for a beginner as they both use aggressive 3 stage rockers. Help this helps...best of luck.

05-01-2010 7:42 AM

Thanks, what about a FLEX board? Been reading about those. Seem cool. I like the GROOVE and TRIP too, so thanks. I will look at those.

ponyh8r 05-01-2010 7:50 AM

A flex board will be preference again. I know that is a crappy answer, but it will come down to whether you like the feel of them or not. If you are not hitting rails then i really don't see a need for one. Some say they make the landings easier on the knees, but to be honest, i have never ridden a flex board behind the boat. I have ridden them at cable parks for hitting rails, but it was my buddies board so i didn't spend much time on it.

sexyws6mama 05-01-2010 9:20 PM

Mike, hit it on the head. I would only add to LOOK UP and LOOK where you want to go. Like if you are about to do a HS wake jump, when coming into the wake look far out and spot your landing. Look down; go down and that's never fun. So, good rule of thumb,never look at the water! Good Luck!

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