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chilidog 04-29-2010 1:18 PM

Calero Res (SanJose) water temp and mussel inspection??
Anyone been out to Calero lately, whats the water temp running right now? Supposed to be 80 on Tuesday so we may head down to try it out.

Also if there are no rangers at the pay booth do you still have to get an inspection, or have proof of one? The website is vague, not sure if I need to go by the office in Los Gatos to get an inspection if nobody is out there, which midweek right now I doubt it's staffed.


liquidmx 04-29-2010 1:49 PM

The water temp is still pretty chilly. I rode with a LS spring suit this past sunday. I think the inspection guys are out there everyday of the week. Make sure you dont have a drop of water in your boat.

2006maliblue 05-11-2010 9:30 AM

The inspections are only done at Calero, Stevens Creek, Anderson and Coyote. They are all staffed whether a ranger is at the kiosk or not. All boats entering Santa Clara county lakes must be banded or inspected. Plus not only must your boat be dry but you must have current reg. they check and you can not be from out of the state or from any county south of monterey county. Also if you make the mistake of saying you boated at Naciemento or any lake south of there in the last 30 days they well quarantine your boat for 30 days. Best bet is when filling out the questionaire put havent used boat in past 30 days!

2006maliblue 05-11-2010 9:32 AM

P.s. The water is cold too! Avoid Coyote if you go boating right now as there having issuses with the water its real green and nasty and fish are dying and floating everywhere. The water district took samples last week but we still haven't found out the results yet

chilidog 05-11-2010 11:59 AM

Yeah I barely passed the mussel inspection, the guy was cool about it and allowed me to leave my towel in my truck. I forgot to hook up my battery so when he asked me to hit the bilge I had to pull the seat to get to the battery so that exposed the vdrive access which I didn't think to dry up, long story short he was nice about it, I explained I had driven an hour to get down there. Pretty sure I will never boat there with my sanger again, there is always water in my bilge because we use the cooler every time. Sucks because I grew up using that lake and have many great memories from there and Anderson that my kids won't get.

I think it's pretty rediculous how hard they make it to spend money at county (taxpayer) funded parks. I was so turned off by the experience, I didn't even care that it was totally blown out and I would never have gone out in those conditions locally but it was the only day we could organize with San Jose people and were committed, just to find out I may have to leave due to rainwater in my bilge.

No wonder all of our government facilities have cut backs and less access to the public, the enviro nazis have made itso hard to get in that people will just go to the delta, pay a private launch fee and enjoy. How much pollution is caused by bay area people driving out to the valley because its less hassle to get on the water? Sorry done ranting....I got my two month old out on the boat, got a short choppy wakeboard ride, and got to cruise in my brothers new vdrive hot boat, so all in all a good day. Eff that inspection BS though. It's worse than the dirtbike red sticker because it's year round.... Also water was not bad for riding temp wise, I had on a rash guard and trunks and was fine, and I am a little beeyotch about cold water!

colorider 05-11-2010 12:50 PM

you need to read up on the mussel problem. Its serious and you do not want them in your lakes.

ottog1979 05-11-2010 12:53 PM

Just some comments based on the complaints. While I agree that the inspections are a pain and, in my opinion sometimes ineffective, trying to prevent the spread of quaggas & zebras is a good thing. I've boated in Mead camping a night on the beach where the water was infested with quaggas. It sucked! Those things were everywhere, on everything. Cut your feet getting in & out of the water. And from what I hear, they spread FAST. Once introduced to a lake, they're everywhere in 3-4 years.

You might argue about how inspections could be done differently and/or better. But, the motivation and objective of inspections is a GOOD thing.

chilidog 05-11-2010 1:10 PM

I hear ya, and I am familiar with them facts behind the mussels, their spread and what they can do per the govt. website. I guess my problem is where does it stop? Do we eventually outlaw boating due to the negative effects it may have on our water systems? I'm sure the carcinogens from thru hull exhaust, 2 stroke oil etc are not doing the environment any favors but where do we draw the line? Evolution will always bring unwanted species to fruition if they can survive in areas we may want them, but taking away our freedoms and recreational opportunities is making a small effort at a bigger problem. Sorry if I sound bitter but as an off roader and boater more and more usage sites are taken away every day. Generally it's an environmental lobbyist behind it getting their payback from an elected lawmaker. With my boat it's extremely difficult to get all the water out. After I spent an hour at home shopvacing, toweling the bilge under the engine etc. I pull up to gate in line and check and the bouncy ride down has just moved around more water I couldn't get to and I had to start all over with the ranger watching me. I guess it's just not worth it for me, I'll stick to the delta. Just sucks thats all. I don't want infestations to occur in our lakes up here. Seems like these things are inevitable though and we just move closer to closing all lakes to boater use because of potential negative effects. my.02cents. Thankfully to use the delta we don't need inspections, permits or anything like that. You gotta get it while you can I suppose.

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