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04-27-2010 9:53 AM

Keeping people out of my boat!!!
Hello, I have had people get in my boat a few times the last year and I was wondering what are somethings that you guys do to deter people from not getting in your boat. I have my boat on a lift. I have gotten a few things stolen.

waterdork88 04-27-2010 10:08 AM

That sucks, one of those motion sensored lights "should" do the trick, but there are also many different kinds of boat alarm systems, this being one of many examples http://www.bassboatalarm.com/ best of luck

behindtheboat 04-27-2010 11:45 AM

A motion sensor dog barking machine, along with the light.

stang_killa_ss 04-27-2010 12:44 PM

mines in the backyard under a fited cover. never had any issues.

04-27-2010 1:13 PM

Dang man , the nerve of some people... Im waiting for the day to see someone in one of my friends boats on the dock hitting on all the ladies saying its his hahaha

joesell 04-27-2010 3:32 PM

I wouldn't put in a motion light. You know after a week or two of getting up to look out the window when the light comes on, you'll get used to it, and not look anymore. Then it just gives the guy a better view of what he's taking.

I'd install the motion sensor, but run it to a small light or buzzer in the house. That way he'll never see it coming when he gets lead poisoning. I'd also turn the sensitivity way down on the sensor so it only goes off when someone is actually in the boat. Remember the golden rule, don't stop shooting, until he stops twitching. He can't sue you if he's dead.

phx07enzo 04-27-2010 4:50 PM

I agree with Joe, dead people can't tell thier side of the story

chris4x4gill2 04-27-2010 5:11 PM

Are you talking about on your private property or at a marina or something like that?

you_da_man 04-27-2010 5:33 PM

Put up a nice picture of a rifle with a scope or a handgun on your dock. That sucks though, I'm glad here in Texas if you see someone on your property stealing AND you feel you will not get your property back...shoot to kill, especially at night.

colombiansurfer 04-27-2010 5:35 PM

X2 for Joe... Usually the cocking and loading a shell in an Remington 870 pump action shotgun does the trick, if not aim and squeeze the trigger. that will work for sure. Buffet for the fish!

joesell 04-27-2010 6:26 PM

I would recommend loading and racking in the house, and go out the front door(assuming the boat is in the back). They don't need to hear you until it's to late for them. That's the safest way for you. Besides calling the cops of course, but who does that?

roomservice 04-27-2010 7:03 PM

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make sure it's lit:

04-27-2010 7:09 PM

Thanks for all of your suggestions. Some more helpful than others :), yeah it's in my back yard. I think I am gonna throw up a few lights. It's covered but that doesn't stop them.

baitkiller 04-27-2010 7:10 PM

this might prove a deterent....
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I got some skills on the puter baby..

baitkiller 04-27-2010 7:16 PM

Rats,, my prop shaft is bent...
Does the tower clash? or is it the windshield, somehow methinks my pallet is not altogether in harmony.

baitkiller 04-27-2010 7:38 PM

Sorry for the side track, indulge an old man.

The best proven deterrent is a dog. Preferably a breed that your home owners insurance doesn't agree with.

chris4x4gill2 04-27-2010 8:02 PM

On private property. Shoot the next one, leave them laying near by. Works on other rodents at least.

hypermike 04-27-2010 8:37 PM

A few of my buds use a wireless gate doorbell. Its a battery powered wireless motion detector. They are about the size of a baseball. You put it in a cup holder in your boat. Then when someone gets in your boat it rings a doorbell in your house to let you know to get your gun.

srock 04-28-2010 8:28 AM

I like that idea. The doorbell not the gun. I prefer to beat them with a stick. Prolongs the pain as getting shot provides no long term misery.

04-28-2010 1:28 PM

I was thinking about using something simple like one of these and just aim it more toward the floor:




dougr 04-28-2010 3:47 PM

seriously, get a tree or pole mounted outside animal camera, the same hunters use for watching deer at night. they are solar, so you do not need to worry about it for awhile untill it hits the total number of pics. it works, put up a sign so they know its there and if they do get in, you got them on camera. i have pics of local police taking things out of my barn on the farm. they deny it untill i pull up the pics. hahaha it works and it is cheap hope this helps

mofreestyle 04-28-2010 4:36 PM

Great idea..but the big question is what were the police taking out of your barn and why? haha

Lotus24 04-30-2010 4:43 PM


Originally Posted by baitkiller (Post 1578424)
I got some skills on the puter baby..

Thank you for this... just made my day!

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