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Corona672 04-26-2010 8:23 PM

Watson Classic for Upgrade?
I have a 07' 130 hyperlite state now and I grew out of it so I'm looking for some suggestions on a new board. I've looked around and come down to the Watson classic ( packaged 450$ one) hyperlite b- side or maybe a ronix one or vault. I'm looking to see if anybody has tried some of these boards or have any other suggestions for me. I'm 127 pounds so looking In the 134 to 138 area, intermediate rider, looking for something more aggressive (not tons) than the state but still forgiving. Trying to keep it under 500 total depending on how much I can get for my state.

Kane 04-27-2010 1:04 AM

Is there any chance you can demo? Even if you can take a run on someone else's board.
That's how I ended up with my Lyman, I borrowed someone elses for a run and immediately ran out and bought one,
it's been my board for the past 2 seasons.

Corona672 04-27-2010 2:51 PM

I might be able to demo either liquid force, Ronix, or Cwb but my shop sucks so I would be surprised if they have any new boards and would let me do that. My friends boards are way to big for me too. It would be awhile to demo anything enough to get a good feel the water here is so cold still I can only go out for really short amounts of time. Also any idea on how much I should put my board up for sale? 07 130 Hyperlite State not any scratches or anything really.

cheesydog 04-28-2010 12:36 AM

if u want a safe bet, Id go with the watson classic. Its a great shape and one thats been popular with riders for a long time. I find the ronix one to be an acquired taste personally.

04-28-2010 7:51 AM

I have the 07' Ronix One 132 ( Im not sure if the shape has changed a little bit, I think it has for this year but still very slow board ) and I really dont like it. Its just so mellow and slow I am thinking about getting a new board this year just cause of it, Im not saying its not a great board but unless you like alot of drag and really mellow cuts but decent pop and very calm landings then this board isnt for you, I was actually looking at the new watson line this year as well because I need something more aggressive too, so I would def drop the ronix one on your list because you said you wanted something more aggressive right?

And not to burst your bubble on the re sale but I wouldnt expect anything more then 100$ only because you can get last year model boards for like 200$ now. If I were you I would keep it for memorabilia, thats what I have done with all my boards ever since I started riding them , I have about 8 now and once I get my own place they are all going up on my walls for decoration / its also nice to have something for pro riders to sign if you ever get a chance to meet them I have tons of signatures on them as well and its just cool to always remember these were the boards that I learned on. They are kind of my collector items :)

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