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lecter098 04-26-2010 10:55 AM

In boat speakers crackle and Kincker amp
Ok guys, I have questions. I have 6 in boat kicker speakers that came with my Supra. I have crackle coming from my bow speakers. This does just happen when I turn it up and only happens on certain songs. Not sure but some other topics I have read that it my be starving for power. Do you think that is the case with this?

The speakers are wired to a 4 channel x 200 Kicker amp, is that the bow speakers are powered by 2 channels and the 4 cockpit are powered by the other 2 channels?

If under powered, I have a Kicker amp that is 250 x 2, should I wire the 2 bow speakers to the 250 x 2 Kicker that I am not using and seperate the 4 cockpits to its own channel on the other 4 x 200 amp?

Will these stock speakers hold up to the extra power?

Matt 04-26-2010 11:21 AM

Try swapping around the rca from front to rear..

philwsailz 04-26-2010 11:42 AM

Check to make sure your gain settings are proper. Which head unit do you have? Depending on the year we might have different gain settings to recommend.

Newer boats with the MB Quart head have the gain knobs with their indicators pointing at the first hash mark up from all the way down. That is the current recommended gain setting at the plant. Make sure the bass boost setting on the amp is totally off, and that the hi-pass crossovers are engaged. Run through your head unit presets to make sure that the loudness control is off.

You probably do not have two sets of RCA cables, but only a single RCA pair from the head unit to the amp, so it is likely a gain that is too high.... Turn the gain down that looks higher than the other and the crackling will likely go away.

Adding a larger amp can help, but there is no reason for the stock system to be acting funny.... Check the settings, and then post back and let us know-


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