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jondextan 04-25-2010 6:34 AM

sealing up an Onset
i need your help here guys. i just got a brand spankin' new (09) Onset 42 board which i am excited to try out but afraid that i'd break or delam the board in the first run, well at least that's what i've read about it in the forums.

so i'm thinking of sealing it up with a few layers before taking it out for a spin. i just have no idea what kind of sealant i should use. any recommendations on the process and sealant? how many layers?

thanks in advance! just excited to try out a bi-level for the first time.

dlwsrider 05-03-2010 3:05 PM

You shouldnt need to do that at all. It's ready to ride out of the box.

wakemitch 05-04-2010 9:26 AM

Caleb, sadly you do need to do something to this deck. i saw quite a few last year and tried one out a couple times. after one set the top was cracking and the bottom was delaming. and the set was only 5 minutes. i dont know if sealing it will do much though.
the 2010 was made a bit stronger

jondextan 05-05-2010 10:12 AM

i did a urethane sealing before riding it the first time, 4 layers. survived it's first week, planning to reseal it as soon as some of it comes off. :D thanks!

bwags500 07-31-2010 11:12 PM

bro, you really dont need to do anything used mine right out of the box still looks great a little scratched up from sliders and stuff but besides that perfect you should be fine

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