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wakereviews 04-24-2010 5:54 AM

Another new tow vehicle thread
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Had over 70k on the Armada and had it for 5 years. It was a great great vehicle but for me it was time to trade in. I would have gotten another Armada if the body style had been changed... I really didn't want to get a brand new car and have it be just like my old one. So, after some test drives I landed with an 2010 Sequoia Platinum with 22" TRD wheels and brakes. It was a dealer demo so I got a great deal on it. Lovin' it so far.

gotwak3 04-24-2010 6:06 AM

looks good, have u had a chance to tow with it yet?

trdon 04-24-2010 8:21 AM

I heard they accelerate good but wont stop ;)

JK Nice score, looks sweet.

guido 04-24-2010 8:27 AM

That's a great looking ride. Still really uncommon around here. A head turner for sure. Cool man, congrats.

kstateskier 04-25-2010 4:58 PM

Ian, let me know how you like it. I'm looking at moving from my truck to an SUV, I am starting to focus on midsize as of now I don't have any towing to do, but I still prefer the full size vehicle. I really like your new one.

jetskiprosx 04-25-2010 7:53 PM

Nice ride!

My wife wanted one of those instead of a Tundra, if I were rich I would have gotten them both :) I love the new Sequoias!

wakereviews 04-26-2010 8:05 AM

Haven't had a chance to tow with it but it's rated for 8800 lbs which is only 300 less than the Armada so I'm sure it will do fine. So far I love it. It rides a little smoother than the Nissan and it's full of gadgets which I like. So far I am very happy with the purchase.

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