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stang_killa_ss 04-23-2010 6:40 AM

Finished Repainting the wakeboard. pics.
this was audreys Melissa 138 that she rode last year.

audrey sanded it smooth, and i masked and layed down the "rich plum" on the bottom, audrey had the graphics custom made, i put that on and then cleared over it all.

audreys switched to a faith hope love full setup this year so were donating/giving this board with the wing bindings to her sister tonight when she comes to town for her birthday. she has no idea. her favorite color is purple, and her and her husband are BIG into recycling, eating healthly, planet conservation etc.

cant wait. just thought id post it up.



04-23-2010 6:43 AM

I love the color but the Graphic could have been a little bigger so there isnt so much space but otherwise I like it! Now that I look at a second time to it is a veryyyy clean job!

stang_killa_ss 04-23-2010 7:20 AM

yeah i wanted to keep the graphic inside the outer chimes to help protect it. i measured and we were able to get a 12" wide graphic in there.
she will love the simple clean lines.

mc_x15 04-23-2010 7:23 AM

Wow nice job, Looks very clean, And love the recycling theme.

wake77 04-23-2010 7:32 AM

Awesome job.

mattgettel 04-23-2010 7:32 AM

Looks professional to me bro.

nuckledragger 04-23-2010 7:58 AM

Very clean!! Great job.

watson_134_lf 04-23-2010 8:42 AM

thats ridiculous!!!
mad props

mdaijogo 04-23-2010 9:19 AM


Can you give a bit more detail on what you did? That looks great. Do you have pics of the top side?


stang_killa_ss 04-23-2010 11:38 AM

started with an orbital sander with 220 grit to knock down the rough areas. then hand wet sanded with 320 grit.
masked the top off, then started laying down color. mist a tack coat first, then start laying it on thick to self-level for a glass finish.
let cure
wet sand
apply graphic
repeat paint process for clear.

i dont have any pics of the top with me, its factory graphics with a bunch of stickers.
i will warn you i HIGHLY discourage you from painting your board, the paint just cant hold up. after half a season it will look like **** (trust me i know this is the second time ive painted this board) it also add over a pound to the board weight.

liquiddiet 08-24-2011 5:30 AM

What kind of paint did you use?

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