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boutwell_43 04-21-2010 2:06 PM

Ronix One or Relic
I am looking for some new bindings for my recoil. I have both SS d2's and pb floyds. I dont like how you have the inner boot that you have deal with every time you strap up. I had the 08 ones and they were very comfortable and went to a all SS setup. Any advice or any reviews on the one and relic would be appreciated.

stang_killa_ss 04-21-2010 3:01 PM

i went with the Reliks, the Ones were too stiff for me, plus the reliks are lighter, and i prefer there looks.
been in love ever since.

kristian 04-21-2010 3:11 PM

Either way you won't be disappointed. If you want a lower cut flexier boot, go with the relic. Or a higher cut supportive but not overly stiff boot (you can still get your poke on), go with the one. Remember both boots feel really stiff when you first get them, you need to break them in.

I went with the One and love them!!

jps912 04-21-2010 3:20 PM

Big fan of the Ones. I did the same thing you did. I had ones before then i went to the all slingshot setup and I switched back this year to the Ones

benjaminp 04-21-2010 5:58 PM

I'll even out the count and put my .2 in for the Reliks. They are still pretty supportive in my opinion, but you cant go wrong either way.

dlwsrider 04-21-2010 7:11 PM

Big fan of my Relics. Best bindings I have ever owned. they are flexible, but offer support and comfort beyond what I have ever worn.

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