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phatboypimp 04-20-2010 5:44 PM

Although I have been wakeboarding for some time, I still suck. I have decided to invest in some lessons this season in an attempt to up my skill level.

I can't really make time for a "camp" but I would like to bring out an instructor on my wake and take some lessons.

Has anyone else done this? Any recommendations on people to use in Northern California?

I was taking a look at these guys.....www.westcoastcamps.com

I appreciate your thoughts.

nmcjr 04-20-2010 6:03 PM

I just got back from The Wakeboard Camp in Florida and it was great, my second time there. I have never had lessons with the West Coast guys, but I know several people who have and I have heard really good things about them and I believe their coaching style is similar to TWC. Its a great idea, lessons will really help you progress much faster.

04-20-2010 6:23 PM

I'm going back to West Coast Camps for the second time this summer. The guys there are really good at helping you progress and making sure you have a great time doing it! I'd give them a call or shoot them an email. I know they've done single day lessons before and most of the instructors live in Nor Cal. The best, if you can make it happen, is their week long camp. They have a great set-up with the houseboats.

stephan 04-20-2010 6:35 PM

I would 100% recommend West Coast Camps. Mike is the man and hires only the best coaches. They are great riders and great people. They are also very serious about progressing their students. Look no further, WCC has you covered.

stuey 04-21-2010 12:37 AM

Bro.. click my profile, then scroll down to my last thread about west coast camps. Mike is an awesome dude with a great coaching style and system. We all made huge progression in our foundation in a few days of riding with Mike. Give him a buzz, he's got lessons at McClure or Shasta and is pretty flexible to work with your schedule in the offseason. Highly recommended..

phatboypimp 04-22-2010 9:13 AM

Thank you for the input, it looks like WCC is the place to go. I appreciate the help.

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