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mdaijogo 04-20-2010 12:13 PM

Byerly Assault comparions
Went out this past weekend and got my first set (if you want to call crashing that) in and had my 10 year old trusty Hyperlite Verio 143. I was able to ride in a 2009 Byerly Assalt and was blown away on how stable that board was. So now for the n00b question.

1. What other boards match up to the Byerly Assault?
2. Is the Assault the mid class board from the Byerly line? I see the Monarch, Assault, and finally the Conspiracy.

The bindings I have on the Verio are 2008 Byerly's. The Assault has some nice PB Floyds on them.



wakemitch 04-20-2010 4:30 PM

All the boards in the Byerly Boards line up are Team/Pro boards. A beginner can ride them no problem, but they are made with the wakeboarder trying to progress in mind.

cheesydog 04-20-2010 9:47 PM

I havent ridden the Assault personally but have heard good things about it. For comparison to other board I imagine the LF S4 might be a similar ride with long sharp molded in fins. S4 is fast and hard edging with pretty soft landings.

The Conspiracy is Byerly's latest and greatest, someone recently posted up some thoughts on it and seemed to like it a lot.

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