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wakeworld 04-20-2010 10:13 AM

Who's Riding First? by Amber Wing
New article from Amber on the front page...

bmr82 04-20-2010 10:49 AM

Good article. We usually right in the evenings when everyone gets off work. Kids go first, then ladies, then guests, then me/owner/driver for that butter. hahaha

srock 04-20-2010 11:43 AM

That's an interesting observation. I'll go first and last and in the middle and anywhere in-between...unless its cold then I'll go last unless we are sharing wetsuits then I'll go first.

mattgettel 04-20-2010 11:52 AM

That's a very interesting article because in my crew it happens every time but you never really realize it. I usually ride first since it is my boat and none of my cheap buddies pay for much of anything. I pretty much follow Tim's approach though. First, second, fourth, second to last and last. As long as my arms can handle!

srock 04-20-2010 12:32 PM

My boat, my gas, my lake house but the truth is I have one other 2 max riders so getting your fill is never an issues. I just get the choice time.

benjaminp 04-20-2010 12:37 PM

When its just myself and my family, I'm always first, because I'm usually the most pumped to ride. When I go out with other riding buddies, the owner of the boat always rides last, but other than that its often a battle. A snowboarder commented on it once, and thought we were all idiots for not wanting to ride first.

sexyws6mama 04-20-2010 12:56 PM

I always ride first!

sharpechad 04-20-2010 3:03 PM

Im filming a little section for the fun when wet with amber that should be up in a couple days. shes ripping

lives2wake 04-20-2010 7:29 PM

Agreed, good article!
This one happens every now and then. Rock Paper Scissors!

cbk 04-21-2010 3:52 AM

99% of the time we're on my boat, so I ride last.

cocheese 04-21-2010 5:42 AM

Weekends, I like to ride first and during the week last. My wife and I always fight over first and last and we are the only two on the boat!!! The majority of the time, I don't care when I ride.

mathias 04-21-2010 8:17 AM

I prefer not riding first because I then get inspiration from watching the rider(s) before me and get stoked to ride. Also, it's nice to stay warm as long as possible. (I live in Sweden)

04-21-2010 9:50 AM

If it's a family outing...I always get to ride first because I'm usually pretty grumpy at the whole getting the boat, kids, snacks, drinks, towels, life vests, etc ready and my whole family knows Mom ain't gonna be happy till she gets her set in and if Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!

Now midweek rides with my usualy crew...that's a different story...esp. when we're dry-suiting it in the winter. Never really thought about the difference before. Great article, Amber! I especially love Ben's "not gonna ride today...ope...changed my mind"...Classic!

moman 04-21-2010 4:31 PM

That's a cool article. I seldom ride first - and I'm the boat owner. I like to see the best rider get the butter which usually means going first or last, depending on the time of day. First timers, normally don't go first. Seems like it is easier to teach them if you talk them through what to do and they watch the first person do it. Sometimes it is just like Amber says - just a big fat pass torch passing.

kyle_L 04-21-2010 5:14 PM

I always like to ride second if it is my boat. Mainly because I want the wake to be perfectly dialed when I start my set lol. It always takes part of the first set to properly balance out the wake so there isn't any white wash and when you are loading down the boat to the max even though it is always the same setup, there is always a little white wash that needs to be balanced out. Since I am the pickiest about the wake being perfect, I'll drive the first set and manage the ballast to get it perfect. I always have to empty a little out from one side or the other to get it so it is even, and making sure there is enough weight in the front to prevent porpoising and getting the boat on plane properly. I guess it is a little selfish, but if I wasn't so meticulous about it, no one would do it to the point that I will and it lets everyone have a perfect wake for their set. It only takes 2 or 3 minutes of the first set for me to get it where I want it so it's not like the first rider is really losing any riding time, and generally the person who wants to ride first wants to be out there the most so they don't care if the wake is a little off. This is also the main reason my dad and I always get into a fight if he pulls me because he doesn't see any reason to have to even out the wake perfectly or even put weight in the boat in general. He thinks the only thing that is important is that it is getting exercise, so the size of the wake is unimportant. He also refuses to drive a double up because he doesn't like the "bumps" and power turns every time he picks me up no matter how many times i tell him not to. For some reason, he also is the only person who cannot keep the boat speed consistent with perfect pass. He doesn't realize that he still has to keep his hand on the throttle to make little adjustments to keep it the same speed. The only trick he likes to watch me do is raleys which are fun to do only every couple sets, not 10 in 1 set.

migs 04-22-2010 8:37 AM

^^^ same here.
I always ride second or third just so I make sure the wake is perfectly dialed.

sippi 04-22-2010 10:27 AM

its my boat and i usually ride 2 or 3. we go everyday after work so its not a big deal and everyone gets to ride. better water at the end of the day anyway. i just hate riding first.

boardOK 04-22-2010 11:51 AM

We just do rock, paper, scissors Like Justin mentioned.

blowhole 04-22-2010 12:09 PM

almost always last on my boat, but first if the waters real cold and no one is eager to jump in

hayes 04-24-2010 8:51 AM

Ha, this article cracked me up. I hate riding first and often use Benny G's excuse of "I probably won't ride today". Then, when the lake turns to butter, get one last set! Also, like the article mentioned, I like others to ride first so I can settle in and get pumped.

younguns44 04-26-2010 9:02 PM

yeah owner usually goes last, doesnt seem right

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