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MIZwrestlingZOU 04-20-2010 10:31 AM

Tige 22i
Hey guys,
I have a Tige 22i and am looking to start adding some weight to the boat. I was wondering what setup would work best or simply what would fit to put in. Just from reading other stuff i was thinking about putting weight in the side compartments and a little also up in the bow


MIZwrestlingZOU 04-26-2010 6:35 PM


chpthril 04-26-2010 6:47 PM

Lots of 22i owners running ballast over on www.tigeowners.com. Most seem to run a 50/50 front/rear split. How much would depend on what kind of wake you want.

Over here, you'll probably just get the worn out ol' "it's a Tige, it doesn't need ballast" BS from the peanut gallery.

highrock 04-27-2010 6:12 AM

I had a friend that had one...he used V drive Sacs (400 Lbs.) in the side lockers in the back and then a bow sack under the front seats. They also has about 400 Lbs. of lead in the boat. It made a really good wake for a direct drive that was fun to ride.

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