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mc_x15 04-20-2010 6:29 AM

Josh Sanders TCH II Handle
Anyone have any info on this handle?? Does it float? Hows the grip? Anything bad about it??


blowhole 04-20-2010 6:49 AM

cant help u but i almost picked one up as a spare after seeing it for so cheap cant be that bad right? might be cheap b/c no one likes the colors

mc_x15 04-20-2010 6:51 AM

I was hoping for that. Sure is cheap. I dont care about colors so im going for it.

dave27 04-20-2010 7:20 AM

I have the 17" helium version of that handle. It floats. I totatlly love it. I often wonder why there arent more 17" handles out there. I know the sanders is 15". One complaint I do have is the foam tabs in the corners peal off pretty quick. At first I tried to reapply them but now after having the handle (2 of them) for the last 3-4 seasons, I just ripped that off and had no problems. For the 30 something bucks they are asking you won't be dissappointed. I loved the older parks handles that were built like tennis rackets but they would injure me and my boards. So this handle gives you a nice rigid handle with out the potential for injury or damage to your boards.

boarder82 04-20-2010 7:23 AM

I ordered the josh sanders handle a couple weeks ago. I've used it a couple times already and am pretty impressed considering it was only 30 bucks.

It does float too.

mc_x15 04-20-2010 7:24 AM

Thanks Dave, that what i needed to hear. New handle and vest coming my way.

dave27 04-20-2010 1:18 PM

did you go 17"?

JJ 04-20-2010 1:23 PM

I have a 15" Rove TCH II for sale if anyone is interested. Brand new.


mc_x15 04-21-2010 5:12 AM

I went 15". I saw the 17" but it was not on sale. I dont think??

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