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Pacificnwflyguy 04-19-2010 7:36 PM

Bar diameters on 2007 Supra22SSV?
Does anyone know the diameters of the forward and rear tower bars? I am trying to figure out if I can mount the Polk Audio (2.25" diameter mounting brackets) speakers that come stock on the 2008 Air Nautique. I would just measure it, but I am out of town? Anyone ever mount these speakers up there, or can I get a review from anyone? Do they fit with the bimini cover?



Matt 04-19-2010 7:40 PM

My 2007 SSV 24 , the tower is 2 3/8"

Pacificnwflyguy 04-19-2010 8:19 PM

Thanks man, I wonder if its the same tower? I have the 22. I was talking to a guy who had a few bimini issues as well....I might just have to try it.

phenom_1819 04-20-2010 2:38 AM

The 22 is the same as the 24, probably wouldn't fit.

tyler97217 04-20-2010 9:26 AM

The front bar and the back bar are different sizes. The bar closest to the back of the boat is larger diameter and there is a curve you need to account for. The back bar is straight and where most people mount them.
Can anyone confirm the size of each?
You should be able to make minor tweaks to the bimini to drop it a bit to make it fit.

phenom_1819 04-20-2010 10:59 AM

On my 2007 Supra Sunsport 22V (same hull and tower as 22SSV), both the front and back bar are the same diameter. I know because I've had my tower speakers mounted on both bars without changing-out adapters. You may be able to get different brackets by contacting the manufacturer.

loudontn 04-20-2010 11:56 AM

The majority of the pipe on the 21v, 22v, and 24SSV is 2"ID/2 3/8"OD. The piece of pipe that passes straight through the center of the tower (where the factory Roswell speaker/light bar traditionally is mounted) is 1.5"ID/1 7/8"OD. Hope this helps.

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