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jame04 04-19-2010 1:02 PM

Mastercraft decals
Is the only place you can get them is MC. I am looking for the slider decals. Anyone know hoe much they are?

gregg_rossi 04-19-2010 3:24 PM

They told me to redo my 08 X2 with new OEM graphics it would be like $700-800 installed for both sides. I was thinking more around $300 would be fair.

mnwakerider 04-19-2010 3:40 PM

Edgar, What boat do you have? Depending on the year, it might not be available. There are still plenty of options out there though. If you want shoot me an email with some more info and I can look into ordering something specific for you.
Midwest MasterCraft and www.waterskis.com

jame04 04-19-2010 8:45 PM

Actually I am looking to put these on my wall in my garage. I want the ones on my 2008 X15

jame04 04-19-2010 9:35 PM

they are called bullseye I think

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